10 TTU musical talents you should know about

Have your headphones on! Music could be interesting, but the music industry and more precisely the business must be quite demanding. A course, evidently, not meant for the faint-hearted.

Innumerable natural talents have failed to see the light. Even worse, some angelic voices have never met the mic in an actual music booth. Many super-natural-musical-talents have faded out at the acoustic and acapella levels.

However, a few souls, primarily former students of the TTU fraternity, so to speak have made considerable efforts in this delicate path; efforts worth noting in both the gospel and secular wings. The journey is still quite long. Perhaps it’s still just a start. However, I hope we can ravel and cheer them up by maybe a view, a comment, a review, a share or a sub on their respective channels and media outlets.

Kitole Kenda

Kitole kenda

This gent from the coast, a class 2013 BCom-Finance graduate specializes in a custom genre he terms as Swahiblu. A cocktail of coastal love ballads with undertones of RnB. Current signed under the BLUEBOX LEBEL, Kitole has over the years recorded 10 songs. Besides the passion for music, Kitole splits a part of him to the fashion business, under the Kenda Apparel Brand.

Mosh Black Salvation


Formerly known as Mosh Black Demon, before rebranding, Mosh is not only an ardent hip hop fan but also an artiste. As a longtime resident of voi, he identifies with many as a creative lyricist and one of the finest bar spitters. Additionally, he idolizes Nas and K-Force, internationally and Nationally respectively.  With one album to his name, and with constant life demands, he continues to pursue this passion although occasionally.

Machila G

This county006 diehard, had a stint as a solo artist with a couple of records before spearheading the formation of Lions of Tsavo LOT, a rising musical wave pooling muti-gifted regional artistes from Taita Taveta County. Often the group’s hook master, collectively they have amassed a catalog that stamps not only their natural musical talents but also the team versatility as showcased in their releases, the latest being the acclaimed twisty afro-fusion



Me-star Dice, another proud mwanamzinyi equally set off as a solo artiste. The IT Grad often wowed hip hop enthusiast during the college entertainment events and later successfully recorded a couple of rap songs under the Seismic Ent Label before joining the pride, Lions of Tsavo. Beyond the music, Dice has entrepreneurial pursuits as well

Eden Verge Music

Eden Verg Duo

This duo, latest kids on the block, are an absolutely promising talent. Their contemporary EDM/TRAP vibes are something to bet on. Should you be keen enough, you might want to bookmark this name, EDEN VERG MUSIC. Although Still in college and with a not –so-a-robust catalog just yet, their current 7 Track EP among other couples of releases not only ring a unique feel-good sound but are also quite convincing enough, that there is indeed a superstar trait in each member. Navigate the Eden Channel carefully and you might stumble upon an unforbidden apple, Verl-a lass you can’t equally afford to ignore.



Brenda Dama

Brenda Dam

Brenda Dama, a damsel of the CLASS 2010, a supply chain graduate, evidently exhibited love for music pretty much throughout her varsity life, identifying with many as a lead vocalist of the CU group. During both her time in campus and after campus Brenda Dama had a couple or audio visual releases. And by the grace, hopefully more shall follow

Pollyanne Wambui

It might have been a hidden talent. But perhaps it was carefully cultivated and nurtured amidst other campus hustles. Pollyanne pursued statistics graduating just a couple of years back. After which, she had her debut single amidst occasional praise and worship session uploads. Her vocal prowess is undeniable.

Baraka Phil

Baraka Phil

Phil accurately falls within the hidden talents bracket as well. Hardly did many recognize this talent during his campus years. The procurement grad is another chap that evidently gave a shot at this musical passion post-campus. This year, he released his debut single, PAPA that has so far so good, garnered quite some positive views and reviews

Hellen Wamathai

Hellen Wamathai

This queen from central, perhaps too many, has often been identified with her inspirational social media posts under the banner of Hellen Wamathai Inspiration. As a budding motivational speaker, it’s apparent Hellen would like to reach the masses, in more than just a couple forms of media. Lately, she had her debut, agikuyu vernacular single that is a prayer for a resilient spirit

Lewis Muchiri

Lewis Muchiri

Equally identified by many as one of the lead vocalists as a CU member back in college, there is no doubt Muchiri possesses a blessed voice. It was just but a matter of time before he took the bold step to write, record and release the beautiful, BE STILL single, Calmly but powerfully executed with simple yet striking visuals.


Kelvin Ondiko

A budding Kenyan music producer, director at Resoundz Media, Ondiko is not only a beat maker but a hit maker on the rise. As a creative lead, Director and Sound Engineer of the Machakos based production house, this procurement grad, is certainly making moves in the Kenyan music industry with notable mentions. Partly inspired and Mentored by Kenya’s icon producer, Musyoka of Decimal Records, Kelvin Ondiko was deservedly involved in a couple of songs in Nonini’s latest album Mgenge2ru which is just one mention among an array of projects, both done and ongoing/

Kevin Ondiko

As I profile this, I am cognizant of the fact that often more than not, life’s pressures, hustles and professional demands often sway u from a couple of things we are genuinely passionate about, at times we put off such pursuits for too long till it fades into oblivion and at times we can just help and surrender to circumstances. At times we equally give up too soon, perhaps even on the verge of breakthroughs. And well at times, we realize certain pursuits weren’t really meant for us, and the diversions in the cause of such pursuits are of course acceptable. They are just but part of life’s dynamics.

I share in the school of thought; Passion doesn’t put food on the table, until it does.

Enjoy Each!

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