16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence

16 days of activism is a global campaign that was started 28 years ago to create awareness on the various forms of gender based violence. Gender based violence is not just domestic and sexual violence but it is also the economic, emotional and psychological violence that people face. These forms of violence not only affect women but men are also victims. It cannot be disputed that women and girls are the most affected group though.

This year 2019 from November 25th to December 10th we commemorate this special event as we speak out on all form of violence against women and girls in our society. The campaign has over the years brought immense change and hence reduced the number of cases. Despite the fight that has been ongoing there is still much to be done.

The theme of the 2019 UNiTE campaign is; Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands against Rape.

As a country we have experienced very many cases of violence with women and young girls being killed by their partners, spouses, or friends. The cases of Sharon and Monica are still in court as their murders are yet to be resolved. Just last month we witnessed how an army major killed his children’s mother and the two children and a young woman found dead at the Menengai forest who was allegedly killed and dumped  by her husband.

These cases continue to grace our television screens and our neighborhoods are full of tales on who beat up his wife last night. These are indications that as much as we are aware that gender based violence is a crime, a large number of women and girls still bear the brunt of these crimes.

We also have to note that despite women knowing they have rights and they can report any form of gender related cases they continue to keep quiet because society still looks down on victims. In very many cases the perpetrators go free because women are not empowered with enough information to speak up against any form of violence.

We have to however acknowledge that the government plays a major role in the fight against gender based violence. Several policies have been enacted that help address the gender issue, from the Sexual Offences Act, to the Protection against Domestic Violence Act of 2015, the State Department of Gender has helped fight the cause.

Through the various groups created to create awareness, information has been passed, women and men have been educated and our girls are able to go to school. However, we have to note that most of the time victims and survivors of gender related crimes do not get justice for one reason or another.

Let’s stop Gender Based Violence crimes in our communities.


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