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5 places in Taita Taveta County to take your lady this weekend

So it’s Friday and there is that special kafriday feeling where you are anticipating the weekend with excitement. For the guys you can’t wait to hang out with the boys catch up on the weeks happenings and tell them about this chile you met the other day. For the ladies it’s Friday and you have the ladies night with your girls as you feel them in on the date you have this weekend with this guy you just met. Well, what I am absolutely sure about is that both parties are stressing on where they will go on this date thingy.

I mean who would not be? The guy wants to impress the lady (that is his stress), the lady too but hers more to do with what will she wear. So looking for a place to enjoy your Saturday afternoon look no further I got you covered. So, here are the five best spots to enjoy a date with this person you met recently and you seriously crushing on.

Sarova Salt Lick

There is this thing about taking a road trip out of town and heading towards the wild as you explore Taita Taveta County. Get an early start, go to Sarova Salt lick and enjoy your day at the prestigious hotel. You could spend the day at the premise or sign up for a game drive it really does not matter but I guarantee you she will be impressed.

Panlis Resort

The perfect getaway if you are looking for a quiet, intimate and peaceful setting. The resort is tucked away in a place where it is hidden from the world and yet still so captivating. The lady will definitely be impressed regardless of her dress code as she is bound to be comfortable.

Two Oceans Hotel

At the heart of town the hotel stands tall welcoming and embracing to anyone who wants to try it. Take her out early order some dinner and as you wait for it to be prepared, please sit at the bar and enjoy some amazing cocktails. Enjoy the free flowing music and have a conversation in a seating that sets the mood to intimate.

Lion Hill Lodge

Wanna impress her this is a given. I am a lady and trust me the view from the top of the hill is a winner. Take your lady friend to lion hill enjoy the wonderful customer service, the scrumptious meals and allow the cool Taita air waft around you, by the time you drop her at home she will have you quite high on a pedestal.

Aruba Ashnil

Definitely one of my favorite resorts in Tsavo East National Park, drive out early and let her enjoy the park in the morning before you take her out to lunch at the Aruba Ashnil Lodge. This outing will be impressive as she gets to enjoy the beauty of the wild in the park and who knows maybe if you lucky you will get to see simba marara and impress her even more. If she sees marara and chui combined, boy you just did a lot of impressing.

So, take a chance on this resorts this weekend and see how amazing the land of Taita is. Enjoy the wilderness, food, culture and embrace the beauty of living.

Great weekend, if it turns out great for yah drop a shout out here and share your experience.


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