Are you watching Kenyan films?

For months now there has been the whole #playkenyanmusic going round but I have never heard people say #watchkenyanfilms. Yes it cannot be denied that we have generally improved from the days of soaps at all times to a time where we have stations that give the locals a lot of airtime but is it enough are we really giving our Kenyan actors enough airing time. When was the last time you went online and checked out what our Kenyan artists are doing, or went to the theatre?

If we do not support our own local talent who do we expect to do that for us? When was the last time you went to a movie shop and asked for a Kenyan film or is it always about Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, and the likes? We neglect our own local talent out of ignorance because we do not give them a chance to show us what they got.

Feeling guilty, I sure hope so, why don’t you go online right now and check out Jennifer Gatero’s TV series, best friends forever, or better turn your TV on and watch her other series this is life on switch TV. I am only mentioning my favorites sorry but I am not too ashamed to say that there are other many TV series, movies that need there due recognition and they do not get it. I can mention a few: the movies disconnect and plan b, the TV series Sue na Johnnie, Auntie Boss and Pete. Granted some of them have received quite the airtime but we are not there yet, we still have got work to do.

Check these trailers out and make a date with the Kenyan films.




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