Aslay stands up Voi people

The adverts had been up for weeks and the marketing was extraordinary, the members of the public quite frantic and excited about the whole idea. Aslay, was coming to Voi! The buzz around town was filled with so much energy with people coming all the way from Loitoktok to grace the occasion and see the renowned bongo artist. Voi being a town with some coastal influence, bongo is quite popular among the locals and even the residence.

16th November came with flair and the entire town was giddy with excitement, Rosewood Hotel and Grill was set ready for the event of the night and it was the place to be. The stage was arranged strategically, seats according to the classes; VIP and regular, and the necessary precautions taken. Security was beefed up, more waitresses were hired for the night, more drinks ordered and the red tape separating regular from VIP was placed. The night arrived and the atmosphere was serene, the crickets were chirping quite well, one would think the human excitement was contagious to insects. The stage was set, the lighting perfect, and the pool water shimmered below the bright moon. One by one, the residence of Voi started streaming in the premises dressed to kill awaiting the event, the ladies in their tight-up skirts, if I dare borrow the phrase from Samantha J, and the men in their sneakers and shorts. As the residence took the seats one by one, the music blared from the speakers in the most attune way possible.

By ten o’clock, the crowd had grown significantly and the booze was flowing amazingly. DJ Krepta was on the decks assisted by DJ Jade, and the music was amazing, with the crowd being hyped by Mc Marox. A while later Mc Musambati arrived with his VSO crew from Loitoktok and together the group set the place on fire with amazing dance moves and great hype. Time dragged on and the crowd continued to be restless, as they waited impatiently from the acts of the day Baraka de prince, and Aslay.

By 2:30am the residents were tired of waiting and there was unrest as the people demanded for the artists they were promised. It wasn’t until around 3:00am that the management were finally open to the people that the artists would not be coming. Angry revelers, in their drunken stupors, began throwing tantrums, with beer bottles and some hotel property being broken. All hell broke loose with people struggling to have a word with the management, a scene that saw the management run and cower with fear at the 1st floor of the building where revelers would not think of looking for them.

After a wait of more than 6 hours it was absolutely absurd that the management made the party people pay the obscene amount of money, without the assurance that the artists promised were coming. It was even more upsetting when some of the members of the management team became rude when they were asked about the coming of Aslay. The angry crowd dispersed at around 4:00am having cursed the entire event and called it a sham. Some of the people refused to leave the premises until they got their refunds back. It was quite show with the management ignoring its people and with no valid explanation having been given to the people as to why the artists had not arrived.

Word from one of the organizers was that they had no idea there would be a delay with the artists arrival. The biggest question in people’s minds today is after all the hype that was placed behind the artists trip to Voi how were they not certain about his arrival. How did he just slip through the managements fingers? Did Aslay just lie and con the people of Voi? As rumor has it he already got his first share of the payment. What happened? Aslay alitucheza!!


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