Baby! It’s not the right time.

The other day I was having a chat with my lady friend and we happen to have circled our talk on when would be the perfect time to have a baby. Not because we are planning to start having kids of our own but most of our age mates are either engaged, married or having a baby. The question we asked ourselves was, did they rush or are we just late? Seems we are either focusing our energy somewhere else or we missed the memo of pregnancy. But what am quite aware of is that while others got their children by choice, some were by accident. But the big question here is, is there an opportune time to have a child?

Sadly to say when you ask women at their mid-twenties they will say that they are not yet ready to bear a child. Others will say it’s until when the finances are right that’s when they will give parenting a go. But what actually tells that one is ready to be a mother or father? Is it your state of mind or state of your finances? Because when people talk about readiness it is not a guarantee that they will ever get ready. And, when it comes to finances who knows. What if you never get that promotion or your business fails? Will you and your partner then decide to not have kids completely? Take for instance a scenario where you find out you are pregnant and you are neither ready nor have the finances to take care of the baby, will you abort it or keep it?

Often, we lay our future on so many things that we have no control over like when you will have enough money to do something. I do not think there is any specific signs that will show it’s the right time to have a child. According to ‘NEREA’ by Sauti Sol, Amos and Josh they sang, ‘Mungu akileta mtoto, analeta sahani yake.’ So why have a timeline or worry when you can have a baby? Finances will never be enough and you will never be ready for anything. I am not saying that people can get pregnant at any time they want. You must have a plan and also be sure of who you want to have that baby with.

All I am trying to say is that there is no perfect time to have a baby. What exists is maybe our surroundings are not exactly conducive to bring up a child. Ladies at your mid-twenties and men at your late-twenties/early thirties, what do you have to say?



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