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Centonomy, what do you know about it?

Investments and savings have become a trending topic in the world of finance today. People are finally becoming financially knowledgeable and finance education is being offered in very many quotas in a bid to empower people with the right information. Among the many companies offering financial knowledge is Centonomy.

Have you come across any Centonomy videos on YouTube? Or rather have you heard any blogger or social media influencer speak about Centonomy? Centonomy is a finance management course. The company has a group of financial experts who educate individuals and corporates on wealth matters, taking control of it and also take people through the journey of wealth creation. It has been accredited high praise by members of the public who have attended the classes. Centonomy is popular for not only imparting knowledge to its participants but rather for bringing the knowledge to life too.

The term financial independence is used quite often but what is financial independence? Financial independence is the status of having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Income you earn without having to work is commonly referred to as passive income. Statistically most people are not at this point of their life and a greater number will die before getting to this point at all. Youths work with the consolation that they are young and have enough time to plan their lives out. But what if having enough time is having no time at all? Because when it comes to finances there is never enough time to accumulate it all. Anyways let’s get back to Centonomy.  Founded by Waceke Nduati in 2009, it is a program that aims at teaching people proper management of their finances. According to online reviews, it is a program that has helped quite a number of people get ahead of their finances and know how to plan for every cent they make.

Centonomy offers two types of courses, there are individual courses and corporates courses. Under the individual courses there are a number of courses namely: Centonomy 101, the Centonomy entrepreneur, Centonomy campus edition, Centonomy teen’s boot camp, Centonomy career hub and pricing for consultants.  For the corporate courses they offer Centonomy Chama clinics and the career and productivity training for organizations.

Every single package offers a variety of lessons which help in ensuring you are financially knowledgeable and show you how to make the right decisions.  Among the lessons taught by the organization are; how to manage your monthly income and expenses, effective tackling of debts, understanding passive income and how to earn it,, secured retirement, how to maintain your desired lifestyle, finding financial peace of mind and living abundantly, affording quality education for your children and knowing where to invest by making careful investment decisions as you earn more investment returns.

The Centonomy campus edition and the Centonomy Teen’s boot camp are essentially created for the youths and teenagers respectively. The program aim at teaching young people on the art of saving and entrepreneurship skills. This course is meant to equip the youth with enough skills as they learn how to save and invest carefully by understanding what wealth creation is all about, having a clear understanding of how debts really work, building your own brand and marketing it, networking, growth in finances as well planning of their finances, learning the different ways one can see business opportunities and knowing where to invest your finances.

The organization has come up with ways that help members of the classes to learn extensively depending on the class one attends. Gone are the days when money was spent without a second thought. Saving and investment has become a necessity in the world today and people are in need of information that will help them make sound financial decisions as they look into the future.

With an affordable fee rate, Centonomy is offering not only a chance to be financially smart but also a chance to be ahead in the game of making money. Visit their website to day and learn more on the courses they offer, register and take control of your finances. The program is definitely worth the sacrifice.

Register today for a better tomorrow.



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