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Confidence: how to uplift it?

Confidence is inborn but at the same time one can grow into confidence depending on life’s circumstances. Many at times we fail to achieve certain things in life not because we don’t know what to do but because we lacked confidence to approach what was before us. Good example is when you are required to pitch an idea to board members but once you stand before them you start doubting your capabilities. How so? Sometimes we may think we are confident enough to speak out but then bravery leaves you and walks out. It all comes down to whether you believe in yourself or not. Confidence is the power one exhibits. The moment we all realize that we have a special power within us, then we let our confidence do the magic for us. Being human is enough of a conviction since often we believe in ourselves behind closed doors but when the door opens and a crowd is watching we become shadows of ourselves. Lack of confidence is mostly associated with low self-esteem and the results of the combination is always disastrous. Doubt overshadows every light meant to shine in your life. But we shouldn’t let any moment of doubt stop us from soaring those greater heights. How then?
Have something to be passionate about
Whenever you feel like your esteem is about to fail you, always think of something that you are passionate about, something that resonates with your inner being you can be sure that it will work its way through and boost that inner confidence. We often lighten up when something we are passionate about is mentioned. Use that as a tool to regain lost confidence.
Shower yourself with love
We are always so fast to condemn but slow at giving compliments to ourselves. Most of us await confidence from other people to feel good about ourselves. What if I told you that showing yourself some love plays a big role in boosting your confidence? We need to love ourselves and appreciate who we are. Our brains tend to listen more to what we tell ourselves rather than what we are told.
Know who you are
Who are you? It might take some a lifetime to answer while others just a few minutes. Defining who you are lets you know your abilities, strengths and weakness. Finding out all this helps you figure out what you are comfortable and capable of doing. Confidence comes when you are comfortable in your own skin and capabilities.
There is so much power in being confident in yourself. Always ensure you wear your confidence everywhere. It can help you conquer what you think you couldn’t.

Surround yourself with people that boost your confidence

What do I mean? Who are your friends? What circle do you associate with? The people around you can play a big role in boosting your inner fire. What they utter every time to you should be words that build but not destroy you. They should be your source of encouragement and mentors each time you need some piece of advice. Whenever you think you are not confident enough to handle something or stand before people, their words should be enough to lift you up and push you to be the best version of yourself. Only surround yourself with people that speak and ooze positivity and create a positive and motivating vibe around you. Check your circle.

Confidence speaks class and power. It gives you a welcoming feeling every time you are approaching a group of intellects. It creates a comfortable environment around you that gives you courage and bravery in what you set yourself to do. Make confidence your everyday attire. It can help you conquer what you thought you couldn’t.



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