Congrats to the women of Taita Taveta. 2018 Gala solidifies optimism.

Indeed, the women of Taita Taveta County are doing something extraordinary, something that brings them pride and joy every single time they think of the far they have come. The historic notion that women cannot do much unless they have a man at their side is getting swept day by day and getting drowned in some wholesome achievement by some of the women in county 006 toiling days on end to change this narrative.

Am talking About  Taita Taveta Professional Women’s Association! And this is basically a brief shout out to this amazing class of sassy, sophisticated lasses ready to sit on the table of men or in other word ready to battle for the Corner office.

They have decided they want to leave a legacy when they will no longer be able to serve. It is a good job ensuring that women from all walks of life despite their tribe or identity get to join this association is one great job. Brought together by passion to empower their fellow woman is something that keeps them moving.

Taita Taveta Professional Women Association is an association where a group of women come together to empower not only themselves but also the other women of the county. It is quite a commendable, the job they are doing.

Over the weekend, this group of professional women hosted a gala event at Vacani resort for awarding the women that had done great in different kind of fields. I can proudly say that I attended the event and never in my life have I ever been happy to see women come together in harmony to celebrate other women. Thank heavens, these women have decided to not embrace the saying “women are their own enemy.” Very soon they will give men a run for their seats. I can’t wait to see these and other women hold not just leadership seats but parliamentary seats. I must say, big up to these women.

It’s my greatest hope that women from other counties are doing something for themselves. I hope we women are busy hyping each other instead of hating. Do you think these Taita Taveta professional women would have gotten this far if they sat in their homes and gossiped? It is through their effort, their dedication and their love for change and bettering other women and themselves that gave them the strength to start something as great as this. I call upon all women, be it young or old to join hands and do something that is of the greatest good to the community.

A section of the Association Officials Join in the Cake Cutting

Women have the potential to do better. They are driven by the need to see great change and that is the kind of motive we need for better developments. Am proud of all the women that take it upon themselves to be the best they can be and still pass it on to other women. It takes only a brave and strong woman to put aside jealousy and focus on building another fellow woman. Kudos to Taita Taveta professional women. In deed they exemplify beauty and power that brings forth growth.

Go on Ladies!

Lilian Mumbua

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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