Happy Children Initiative calls upon the public to donate books

A hand that giveth, receives. The Happy children Initiative is calling upon everyone, children and parents, to help donate a book that they no longer use in order to help children who are less privileged have access to books. They not only require books no longer being used but call upon anyone with the ability to get them new books to please do so. Often, when our children get done with school, they leave their text books at home and we end up throwing them away or letting them get spoiled. With this program Datuzens can ensure they donate the books out for a greater course.

The initiative is asking for support from locals in ensuring they promote literacy, numeracy and creativity among the children. “A single book is enough to change a child’s life. “Says Milkah Righa. The aim of the ‘First Book Drive’ is to ensure that all the children who cannot afford books or even go to the libraries can be able to have a chance at reading at the local community library. Happy Children Initiative accepts both books and stationery: textbooks, workbooks, storybooks, exercise books, pens/pencils to drawing books.

In case you do not know where to drop the items here are the locations:

Voi- Bafagih supermarket

Mwatate- Kilulu uniforms

Wundanyi- Classic Boutique near Barclays bank

The program has been running since July 26th and will end on August 15th. Give a hand where you can. Let’s help a child gain knowledge and promote literacy. You can offer your donation in many other forms.

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