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Exclusive Interview: Chala Secondary School young Innovators share on their winning innovative Idea, experiences and Aspirations. got in touch with JOSEPH ELISIFA MATEMBA, CLEOPHAS MKALA, CECILIA NATIVOI, AND ELIZABETH JUMA, students innovators from Chala secondary school in Taita Taveta County in Taveta sub-county and one of the winning teams at the recently concluded Innovation Challenge Organized by the Sote Hub. They highlight their experiences, challenges, and aspirations in regard to their impressive startup, PYROLYSIS.


v2d: Congratulations on winning in this challenge! What was your startup all about?

We call it Pyrolysis – which is a process of converting plastics, tire waste materials and polythene bags into petroleum products that can be refined to produce the likes of paraffin, kerosene, diesel and such like fuels.


v2d: Tell us briefly about the inspiration behind the concept?

The inspiration came from the need to provide a solution to the everyday problem that many people face. Inadequate fuel to power usual economic activities as human beings.  Equally, we were determined to find a way the environment can be clean and friendly to everyone since we will make use of the bottles and tire waste that are often disposed off inappropriately.


v2d: How does it feel to be winners in this edition?

We felt good and proud of ourselves to have bagged the 2nd position out of all the schools that attended and as result, we also congratulate our administration, our patrons and fellow students as well as the organizers, Sote Hub for their input towards this

v2d:How was your experience at the event at CIT?

The event was awesome we must say but the exhibition was quite the task since we had to be great at presenting our project before the judges and the general audience. All in all, we thank God for the impressive run in the best innovative project category.

A section of the students Following the presentations at the Fair Earlier this July.

v2d: What are the future plans with the project?

We plan to work on the project until it becomes something of greater substance and economic importance and worthy of the market too. Thinking big isn’t bad but we hope to create a company one day from this startup project. It is our desire that we will manage to curb this issue of unemployment and fluctuating prices of petroleum by offering an affordable alternative.

v2d:What were some of the major challenges you faced through the process?

Limited Finances in developing a better prototype, Time constrains and minimal Exposure towards the event. However, we have been strategic about combating such and participating in this edition is a major boost too in that regard. As we hope for more exposure and even linkages to various avenues for such startups.


v2d:Any Other interests besides innovation?

We enjoy Researching and reading more on the new upcoming technologies set to transform our developing world

Joseph and Cleophas, receiving their award from Sote Hub Director, David Ogiga at the Event.

v2d:What do you aspire to become in the future, individually?

JOSEPH MATEMBA—Computer Programmer

CLEOPHAS MKALA –Software developer




v2d:Any Words of encouragement to fellow students out their perhaps?

Everything is possible, you just have to believe in it and work on it with utmost determination.



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