Foods to eat while at the coast

They call it Pwani Raha because everything about the coast leaves you in awe. Let alone the sandy beaches and the chance at freedom when you step into this place, the food and the tasty snacks that you find while walking along the streets is what we need to talk about. You have not really been at the coast if you have not eaten their delicacies. Here are some of the foods and snacks you need to eat while at the coast.

Viazi Karai

If you live in or have been at the coast then you are aware of this snack. It is yellow in color due to its coating and they say it does not taste better without ukwaju (tamarind) or chartini (coconut chutney). You will be the luckiest if you accompany this snack with some cold mango juice or kahawa chungu. You feel me.


This is just the ‘it’ snack guys. If you have had the chance to devour them, then you know exactly how your taste buds feel when you take the first bite. The good thing about this snack is you can eat without an accompaniment but I would suggest some hot ginger milk tea. As you walk around those streets, you won’t miss two or more people selling them. Make a stop and have a bite. You’ll have something to say about the experience.


Am already salivating at the mention of this. This isn’t a snack but a real meal. At the coast people don’t get served biryani in their own plates unless it’s a restaurant but in a large bowl (sinia) where people get to eat in groups. It’s always a fun experience I hear but it needs fast eaters because when you slack you won’t give your mouth a second chance. There are different types of biryani. There is beef, chicken, mutton, pork and fish biryani. It all depends what your preference will be.


This am sure is a meal that is quite known by many since most households in Kenya know how to prepare it. What am sure about is that how yours taste and that of the coastal women is quite different. Why? These women were born with this skill. That’s why I would urge that you shouldn’t leave the coast without trying coastal Pilau not the one made by high class restaurants but look for some kibanda somewhere and help yourself out. You will not regret it.

Fish in coconut sauce.

We at the coast call it ‘samaki wa kupaka.’ This is just one of the great meals you will find when you visit this place especially in Likoni. This is just fish either tilapia or sardine in coconut stew. The beauty of this meal is you can have it with either rice, ugali, Chapati or mashed cassava.  Try this before you board that plane or bus.

Mahamri with mbaazi za nazi

Perfect for breakfast in almost every homestead. You will enjoy it mostly in that early morning breeze. Have this with some cardamom milk tea. You will want to eat this every morning of your life. Forget the sausage and egg filled breakfast.

These are just some of the meals but trust me if you have had all this you can go back home with a happy face. The coast is just the place to be. It handles most of your cravings. Don’t miss an opportunity to try some of those snacks and meals they are life changing. 



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