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Former miss TTU, Phlegon bags two Academic expo awards, Shares her insight

With a background an Mathematics and Computer science, the former Miss TTU participated and impressively won in two categories at the varsity’s 2018 edition of the Academic  Expo. She shares her experience and general view points in that regard.   INTERVIEW-JOB

We are in an era that having beauty without brains takes you nowhere. And even the modelling industry lately, is getting more concerned with brains and not just beauty. İ believe that beauty with brains ought to go hand in hand -PHLEGON

Tell us Briefly about you

My name is Phlegon Nekesa Nyongesa. Am former Miss University.
A co founder of ttutech lady and passionate about trying new things when given an an all round person,a model, and i play netball.


You genral thoughts and this edition of the Expo

İn my view,it was an interesting event,personally i learnt alot .it was an opportunity to nurture young innovative people.l also learnt that hard work pays becuse the previous night i didnt sleep at all working on the two projects all night..and taking the best position in the two categories was a pay of hard work and sacrifice.


Winning top awards in two categories, How does that feel and did you expect that

İt feels nice,it encourages me to keep working on myself each and everyday.İ have participated in the previois expo since first year and i always go with the mentality of winning…and since then i have always won…the motto is believing in yourself


A prieview regarding your personal prepartions towards the event.

İts very interesting,that by Sunday i had not prepared yet,because i was representing the school in the KUSA games which were held in the varsity grounds as well. I had an idea of what i was going to prepare but i started Sunday afternoon after games,  a day to the Expo


What’s your background and kindly give us Some highlights on the projects you presented on both the Mining and Mathematics categories

Basically İ pursue mathematics and computer science but i saw a gap related to mining subject as well and came up with  projects on both mathematics and mining categories,regardless.

The mathematics project was about how simple maths can solve traffic jams…it uses bilateral control system using eigen values and eigen vectors…where the mathematics part is used in sensors in that,the sensors will be installed in car control systems.  My mining project was on the Subject of Solar refrigeration using concentration and how it could be implemente to suit small scales users.

Personally i have experienced the heightened temperatures in voi and i wanted to do something that maybe in future could help the Taita Taveta community at large..and with the career expo event,i asked myself why not present this idea? Am glad it won too.

What does the future hold regarding the projects

İ will work more on those projects now that they are real issues affecting our country now like the control of traffic jam in Kenya and solar refrigeration in Taita Taveta..and i would be happy to event get sponsors to help me work on the projects because it will be of success to as all.

Phlegon Received her award during the Event held at the varsity auditorium


Notable at the event was the male dominance in the list of participants. Your Take on Girl participation in such events.

İ think its high time girls should stand out and participate in these events because we are all given equal opportunities. And if i did it and am a lady it means any other lady can do it…its a matter of confidence and self belief


You are former miss TTU and a definitely a model for that matter, what’s your concept of beauty and brains

We are in an era that having beauty without brain will take you no where. And the modelling industry lately, is more concerned with brains and not mainly beauty.İ believe that beauty with brains ought to go hand in hand


Your word to fellow comrades, The organizers and the Admin

To the comrades, Always invest in yourself in all aspects of life.and use every opportunity you get you never know where a simple project can take you. The organizers did a pretty good job and they should do more of that..maybe next time they could prepare so refreshments considering the fact that it was a full day event. And most importantly get relevant sponsors on board too.  The admin at large should keep on supporting such events as they motivate students to work extra hard

And Finally..

What guides me everyday is courage and confidence.waking up each day knowing that i can i achieve that which is worthwhile. And i encourage everyone to invest in themselves daily towards improving self.



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