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Going for your first date? These tips will be of help

Dating has been something that has been there since our grandfathers. It has kept evolving with time from meeting under a tree to now affording to reserve a seat in a restaurant. What has remained constant is the fact that there is always that one person that calls the shots since they are the ones trying to impress. What will determine whether or not you get a second invite depends on how the lady behaves. A lady because most of the times we are the ones that get asked out. Going for a first date can get you nervous and anxious. You are meeting this other person for the first time or second but definitely first date. You have no idea how they eat, talk, what can get them angry and so much more. But in spite of the anxiety you should try as much as possible to get yourself comfortable. There are some tips that every woman can use when on their first date.

  1. Do some little research about him

I don’t mean that you should go around stalking him in all of his social media accounts trying to dig in every kind of dirty and available information about him. What you should do is just find some little information like what he likes, his hobbies just to help you know what to expect of him. It helps to build some conversation and maybe make it interesting.

  1. Be yourself

Most of the time we are always trying to impress this guy and this forces us to be a little more than what we are always. If you can contain being different for a date then you can go ahead. But being yourself is the best way you can show up in a date. No trying too hard just being you. When you are being you, you will not have to fake so many things and if maybe there is a chance he calls you for another date, you won’t have to remember who you were then. It saves a lot of trouble if things go too far.

  1. Let him pay if he wants to

In your first date, this is not the point to showcase that you are a miss independent and you got it all always. If it is a gentleman, it might end up pissing him off but if it is the other group then be sure they’ll be comfortable you paying. But if he wants to pay, let him do that. He called you out and he is out to impress you.

  1. Don’t be too timid

I know being anxious and nervous can get you scared a little but that does not mean you need to be a coward. At times you go for a first date and you meet this guy who might not get impressed by you. He then can start calling you out and telling you things that get you offended. Girl, you need to be courageous enough to stand up for yourself and shush that guy. If you decide to be timid he will then walk all over you and bruise your esteem. Get up and walk out and maybe to piss him off pay off that entire bill. (P.s do this when you got enough mullah.)

  1. Be attentive

With our generation we always feel the need to keep checking our phones every now and then. What’s even worse is when the restaurant you are in got Wi-Fi and maybe that’s a luxury you cannot afford. So what do you decide to do? Check your Instagram page, snapchat, telegram and other sites. You miss out on a lot and it is also annoying to keep on checking your phone when it is only the both of you. Just switch it off and enjoy the moment.

  1. Concentrate on you not him

Paying attention to him is not bad but paying attention to you is the most important thing. Why? You need to check your body language and how you behave. Sometimes we are not aware that we are selling ourselves short. So be sure you are careful not to come out as someone that wants to put him to bed rather than trying to enjoy the date.

First dates are always tricky but that’s what determines whether we get a second call or not. It also determines if you like the guy enough to want to see him again. But if you want him to invite you again, maybe these tips will ensure that happens. So, GOODLUCK.



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