EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Good News for Team Mafisi: Miss Tourism Taita Taveta is still single.

Check out this exclusive interview with the reigning Miss Taita. and Kindly vote for her.

Briefly about Juliet…

I am Juliet Simanyiro. 21 years of age, a student at the University of Nairobi, pursuing Bachelor of Arts In Psychology and Sociology

I am the last born in a family of five, I love cooking, making new friends and Traveling

What is your definition of beauty?

An inside attribute that reflects outside somebody yet it is more than the physical appearance

For how long have you been modeling?

It’s not been long. I just started last year October when I contested for Miss World Kenya Taita Taveta County where I emerged 2nd runners up.

Has this been your childhood dream and how has the modeling experience been so far?

Not really. I just got interested after joining campus. I must say it’s been awesome. I thank God I have interacted and learnt a lot from it

Considering Modelling and your course which one would you chose over the other?

Modeling for me is just a platform to work and network with the society. My course also involves more or less the same. Thus I encourage all the ladies out there that they can be career ladies and at the same time pursue other dreams or focus on other talents. I love both equally.

What are your opinions on the twist of events that led to you being crowned after the denouncing of your fellow contestant which caused a media uproar?

I just thank God that finally I have the crown.  However I would have loved being crowned during the actual finals at Rosewood Hotel that night. Anyway in life what God has planned for you will always come to pass no matter which direction it takes.

How do you feel for Natasha Brenda having lost the crow to you or what would you say to her?

Simply, in life when one door of opportunities closes, a lot more open.

Say something about the outgoing Miss Tourism, Sofi

She’s very loving and caring. I sure see a sister in her.

Well said. Now that you are the Queen, what should the people of Taita Taveta Expect from you and what legacy do you hope to leave behind?

My aim is to highlight, promote and Market our Tourist Attraction sites. And I perfectly understand Tourism is not all about “visitors coming, going and Coming again�. It’s intertwined with the key pillars of Investment, culture and heritage, peace and unity, environment and hospitality. I would like to position our county as the most visible tourist destination

Empowering both men and women will also come in handy, especially those facing GBV- Gender based Violence.

Talk about representing the county in Vihiga Finals. Do you feel the pressure and how far do you see yourself go?

Yea I feel the pressure working on the right attires for the big day as well as contesting with the best of the best from other counties.  I am however very confident in representing the county to the best of my ability and hopefully winning the national crown.

How are you going to juggle everything with studies?

 Currently am on holiday and that gives me enough time to set a foundation. After which, I will strive to multitask.

So as a model where to you envision yourself in the next 5 years?

Being an international runway model, showcasing designer wears and hopefully partner with bigger modelling agencies.

Any favorite Quote


Wow! Are those your words?


Simply amazing, so what really inspires Juliet to move on in life?

It’s my every day Experiences.  And more than often I just take risks unaware of possible outcomes.

You greatest fear in life?


Heels or Flats?

What are some of the Basics/Essentials in your purse?

My make-up kit, pocket tissue, safety pins, lotion, my keys

Do you believe in YOLO?

Yes I do.

Suppose you woke up as a boy/man what would be your reaction?

(Laughs) I would wish it doesn’t happen. I love being a lady.

Any model you admire internationally and why?

Naomi Campbell. Everything about hers strikes me. Her beauty, her Fashion sense….name it

Any Man in the picture? Are you dating?

No Man. Am still single

Really? Why?

Is it wrong to be single? I just love it the way I am. For now I’ll just concentrate on the crown. Any man who comes after the crown will have to wait.

Thanks for the Interview. All the best.



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