Goodies to Taita Taveta Women in Colorful ‘INUA MAMA’ Event

On the 20th of September 2019, Hon lady Haika together with other honorable women representatives from other counties came together at the Moi stadium, Voi to support the ‘inua mama’ initiative. The Moi stadium was filled with women from every corner of Taita Taveta County as they awaited to see what the women representatives had in store for them. Dressed in maroon and yellow, different designs had been chosen by the various chamas, distinguishing each group from the other. The women present were quite excited upon seeing the women representatives convoy arrive at the stadium. The elation of the crowd was a clear indicator that they did not regret their choice during the 2017 elections.

Women representatives who accompanied Lady Haika during the ‘inua mama’ event

Upon arrival, she did not waste any time as she started by thanking all the women for showing up and coming together to bring forth development and empowerment amongst women in the county. She went on to emphasize on the mantra ‘empowering a woman is building a nation’ hence the name INUA MAMA. After her welcoming remarks, she gifted different women with the goodies she had for them depending on their proposals. There were motorbikes, given to different groups to make transportation easy for them when engaging in matters related to gender based violence, salon equipment, gas cylinders, wheel chairs, trolleys, water tanks for dispensaries and food stuff as well. She sure is ‘mama maendeleo.’ Additionally, some women groups were awarded cash prizes of Ksh. 100,000 from the 3 million Kenyan shillings set aside for the purpose of supporting women.

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Some of the goodies Mama Sita was awarding women

After the gifting there were different speeches from all the other honorable women. Their speeches circled around supporting women and how good women can grow if they held each other’s hands. To add on they all reminded everyone present not to forget Lady Haika come 2022. The unity and togetherness depicted on those grounds meant a stronger foundation had already been built and the pillars were ready to stand. Kudos to all women and congratulations to Mama 006.

The motorcycles awarded to different chamas.



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