The Department of Agriculture in conjunction with US AID (KAVES)  launched the use of multifunction power tillers (hand tractors) by farmers in the hilly areas of the County.
Speaking during the launch in Werugha Ward, Governor Eng. John Mruttu has urged farmers to embrace the use the machines that will make farming easy compared to using jembes to prepare their farms.
“These machines are designed to operate in a hilly terrain as compared to the normal tractors that operate well in flat areas. They can navigate this terrain with ease thus making farming easier saving time and production costs,” said Eng. Mruttu.

Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries CECM Ben Mghana also urged farmers to ensure they embrace the latest techniques of farming that will help them boost their yields.
“As we are embracing the latest technology, let’s do it in all fields; Agriculture being one of them. In Agriculture, farm mechanisation is evolving every time therefore we must strive to embrace the latest technology in this field to boost our productivity,” said Mghana.
Farmers and especially the youth have been urged to invest in farming by using such equipment, which they can purchase by taking loans from the DATU Sawazisha fund that offers interest free loans.
“Farmers should take advantage of the existence of the DATU kitty. They should take loans and purchase these machines and revive farming especially vegetable farming that had been thriving in this region in the yester years,” said Flora Mtuweta, Trade and Community Affairs CECM.
The launch of the multi function power tillers is meant to boost the farm mechanisation strategies being put in place by the Department of Agriculture in the County.
The petrol/diesel driven power tillers uses 4 litres of petrol/diesel to plough an acre of land. They have a Power Take Off point similar to that of a tractor which acts a driver for hay cutter, grass mowers, shredders, fertiliser/salt/lime spreader, water pump, sprayer, planter, maize sheller, electrical generator, pressure washer and chaff cutter.
The petrol/diesel driven power tillers have the capability to till an acre of land within two hours depending on the landscape and the user expertise.
They are available for sale at Kshs. 110,000.




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