Have you thought about Investing?

What does the term investment mean to you? Or does it sound like something only the old and wealthy should be thinking about? If that’s your thought then your still have a journey to take in financial knowledge. Investment or investing has been known to be something only the wealthy people in our society do. This is definitely the old-fashioned way of thinking.

Everyone is investing nowadays. It does not matter what and where they are putting their energy and effort into as long as they are sure their retirement is well sorted. Are seated squandering money somewhere or are you sacrificing the little coins left in your bank account for something better in future? At the end of the day it is up to you, they say everyone’s future lies in their own hands. I’d like to believe that lack of investing is the lack of knowledge on matters to do with investments.

There are a number of ideas or places one can decide to invest in.


Sounds familiar right, heard it on your screens, radio or seen a pop-up on Facebook? That shows how people are taking investing seriously. This is an opportunity that has been brought forth by the Government of Kenya. It is a good way to save money since there is an interest earned. It is a government bond that is aimed at promoting economic growth in the country. The money raised from the bond is mostly used to fund government infrastructural projects. But at the end of it, everyone who put their money into it still earn an attractive interest from the initiative. With M-Akiba you can start with as low as 3000 Kenyan shillings

Real Estate Investment Trust and Cytonn Real Estate Investment

This kind of investment allows Kenyans to buy shares in commercial real estate portfolios. These are companies that own and operate income generation real estate. So if you’d like to own a home or like to venture into real estate these can be good platforms to invest your money. At the end of the year you get to earn dividends according to the number of shares you have. Isn’t that a brilliant idea just putting your money somewhere and getting a substantial number of returns at the end of every year? Real estate is one of the sectors that never dies because everyday someone is buying or renting a house.

Table banking (Joyful Women Organization)

It is an investment platform for women all over Kenya that was founded by H.E. Rachel Ruto for the purpose of empowering women in the society. This organization has seen tremendous growth over the years with the number of women investing in it growing every day. Any woman that has not heard about it should find out more about it and see how she can start her journey on investing.  It is a group funding strategy where members of a particular group meet once a month, get a chance of placing their saving then borrowing a loan from it depending on their needs. With their interest rate of taking loans being 10% for short terms loans and 12% for long term loans, it is quite favorable for all.

Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE)

The Nairobi Stock Exchange is the leading securities exchange in East Africa. It has a number of listed companies that show where one can invest in. it is an automated platform that enables people to list and trade securities. With NSE available online, through daily records on business daily and briefly during the news briefings, it is easy to know how businesses are performing in the market. Are their stocks rising or falling? And with that you get an insight on which business you can tap your money into.

Your own business.

This is actually one of the best ways one can choose to invest their money. Business is tricky and it requires a lot of time and energy but with the right energy being tapped into it you are guaranteed good returns at the end of it all. Put in the right determination and invest enough and you will be grateful you did that.

No one is going to knock at your door and tell you how important investing is. You have to wake up, read, research and look into something that is worth your money. If we want to live a better life tomorrow we have to start saving as early as now. Investing is a path that every smart person should follow. Make that bold step now.


Lilian Mumbua

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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