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Here are some businesses that will require less capital

There is this myth that for one to become an entrepreneur they need to have lots of cash. What if I tell you that not all businesses actually begin with hundreds of thousands but even at 5000 Kenya Shillings? Most times people give lack of money as to why they are not in business. Some of them will give it a shot by getting huge amounts of loans without a strategy on how to pay it back.

There are many avenues nowadays that one can tap into some little cash and build an empire right from there if the right amount of effort and determination is put into consideration. Business nowadays has become something that everyone is trying to venture into. There are a number of businesses that you can start with the smallest amount of cash.

  • Smokies and boiled eggs

If you are the type of person that does not care so much about image and is willing to do all it takes to make money, then this is just the right kind of business to venture into. It will not make you an instant millionaire but it will guarantee you some good cash at the end of the month. Just get a good location that has some good traffic and you will be good to go.

  • Mtumba business

It is one of the most practiced business in Kenya. Anyone that feels the need to begin their own entrepreneurial journey, Mtumba biashara is always the first thing that clicks into their mind. Why? Because people have realized that it only requires a small chunk of money and you are good to go. With just 1000 shillings you can get some few clothes, bags, shoes and start selling them door to door and by the end of it all make some profit that will keep you going.

  • Car wash business

Yes a car wash business. Are you wondering how you as a graduate will decide to just open a car wash business with all the degree in you? Instead of wondering start planning how you will secure yourself a spot for this kind of business. You just need the machine, water, soap and just the right location. With a dedicated number of clients in a day you can be sure to be making a good chunk of money. You will be surprised when you hear the number of people that have bought houses with this business.

  • Movie shop

Just imagine selling people the latest movies and series. How hard can that be really? With just a small shop and the necessary equipment you are sure to start your small movies base and be the one who notifies the people around of what’s new and interesting. With a good number of customers nowadays and with the increasing need of entertainment nowadays you can be sure of getting almost 20 clients a day.

  • Selling uji and tea.

Nowadays hawking is not just for those people who sell clothes, shoes and household stuff. Mama Uji and chai have become the new people in town. With their small pot of tea and mtungi of uji you see them walking around especially early in the morning and late in the evening they always want to ensure that with just 50 bob your stomach is sorted. With less than 1000 shillings this is a business you can just blink and by evening you are doing your rounds and pocketing back your capital plus profit.

  • Salon or barbershop

These are businesses that do not require a location at first since for the first few times all you will need to do is walk around houses and offer this service to people as you gather up enough cash to open your own shop. With the few clients you will have met while walking, your salon or kinyozi will have enough people to spread the word around. All you need is a small amount of money less than 2000 shillings to start the business.

  • A cleaning business

Cleaning stuff is something that each and every single person has learnt to do since they were of a young age. Imagine turning this skill into a business wouldn’t that be lucrative? With a lot of people nowadays being too busy with work, they get no time to clean their houses or even their clothes. Coming up with such a business can guarantee you a customer almost daily. This kind of business only needs your skill and presence to do it at times no capital is needed since the customer provides everything for you.

  • Opening a kibanda for Mboga

This business has been associated with wamama. But surprisingly from where I come from even men have perfected this skill. This is a business that requires less than a 1000 shillings to start and since food or do I say eating is a necessity you are guaranteed customers all the time.

There are so many businesses that you can start with a very small amount these are just but a few of them. Wake up and decide what business can work for you and see how fast your finances will pick. There could be no enough jobs out here but there are lots of opportunities awaiting to be explored.



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