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Hold on to the vision


It is indeed pleasurable to have crossed over to the new year!

(New decade yet or Not?) I guess not!

Well,  for 2019, however crazy it might have been to you, your family, organization or company, Whether it was a great year or bad year generally, at the very least of all expectations, I believe it must have had its fair share of lessons.

Valuable lessons!
I suppose! .. to help you soar even to greater heights in 2020.
Treasure those lessons.!

And it is suffice to say, occasionally, great runs in various fields of diverse endeavors, might get to a grinding halt way before the finish line, perhaps subject to circumstances out of control or rather just subject to self choices and personal actions. 

Regardless of the above, loss of vision would certainly be the ultimate nail to your dreams or goals and that’s why it’s best to protect it no matter how tough the journey may be, no matter how heavy the loss may be, no matter how broken the plan may be.

Just Safeguard it.

At the very least, let the vision be the last spark that remains or let it be the last amber that could possibly reignite the flame once again in 2020.

Internally, at and Tsavo Media Group, We have Had our runs, halts, pick-ups, and re-runs over the year 2019. And Yes we have picked our lessons to gallantly soldier on in 2020.

Narrowing down to the brand, and  in regards to our simple vision of taking this average metropolis -voi town – online in a better fashion– our sleeves are still up, and it’s time to roll them up a notch higher as we purpose to actualize some of the subsidiaries brands attached to the parent brand.-

Talk about VBN Online Directory and VOI HOTELS.

-VOI BUSINESS NETWORK Online directory

VBN magazine, currently in our4th Edition has experienced considerable challenges and significant success at least regionally as the local businesses and the people get to relate and immerse selves and their brands within the Premier quarterly Publications whose goal has simply been to Connect Businesses & Clients alike, to more.

A concept anchored not on advertising but rather Celebrating Regional Brands

Ensure you Download the Digital-version at the end of this Newsletter.

And Now…
Considering the rapid shift towards e-commerce nationally and even globally, We are casting more efforts towards building a VBN online directory with suitable features for the local business landscape. It will enable you to discover and explore various available business options or service providers, buy or list products and services plus much more.

It is pretty much knit into the original VBN Concept. Just taking a Digital Shape.


While the VBN online directory shall be dedicated to dissecting various industries, VOI HOTELS shall focus exclusively on listing the best of the best while collectively contributing to the marketing agenda of local tourism. Both websites are in the beta stages and the team at large in Tsavo Media group is committed to realizing these goals hopefully before the end of 2020.

Welcome on board.

Let’s Roll
Great 2020!


This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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