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On Friday night, various top county official, politicians and wafuasi loyalist, streamed into the DAN MWANZO hall to celebrate the theatre group for winning in the best movie category in east Africa at recently concluded NATIONAL RIVERWOOD AWARDS

The night filled with lots food and entertainment commenced officially by a word of prayer from the hon.  MCA Mr. Maghanga before the MCs of the night, Anguo FMs Mr. Javan (kidasi cha mbeo) Wafuasi’s Mfalme Solo and Dr. Dambel charged up the crowd.
Various young talents once again took to the stage featuring dancers, comedians, poets, actors, actresses… etc.  The governor, who was grieving the loss of his father in law, was compelled to make a quick appearance, congratulating the team before leaving the venue. He got introduced to team, shook hands with all of them before making a speech his speech. , leading the cake cutting and leaving the venues
In his speech, the governor advised various youth groups not only to rely on government funds to facilitate their project  but try and seek support from private firms reminding the crowd that in virtually all jurisdictions all over the globe, the private sector is usually more endowed resource wise and has comparatively  less protocols as compared to the government.
He also promised that his government will look into setting up a board that will be mandated with nurturing of various talents county wide. His Excellency noted the need for the board’s composition to be dominated by the youth and that prior funds are allocated by the government in order to ease its operations.
In the building was Wundanyi MP and ODM Chief-whip hon. Mwadeghu, who gave lots of encouragement to the youth of the county and even went ahead to promise financial support to the voi’s leading dance crew the TNT dancers.
Among other were Kaloleni MCA Mr. Omari Ahmed, Mbololo ward MCA’ Mr. Mwachila and various budding politicians eyeing 2017 elections.  Mbololo MCA promised a push for a budget of over Ksh.  100,000 that would go into acquisition of various equipment assist the youth in various records and productions.
Dokta dambel, a senior director of wafuasi theater group, in roaring voice urged the county officials to shun,  importing guest artistes from  elsewhere during county celebrations as he believed that the county had enough talents that need to be natured and one of the best ways to do so was by giving various platforms to showcase what they got.
MCA Maghanga revealed his aspirations for the 2017 parliamentary seat and in his speech he as well promised to stand side by side with the youth of this county till the end, and one good way to justify that promise was his gesture of staying behind till the wee hour of the night after all his colleagues had left the venues hours earlier.
The event culminated with a final word of prayer from the same MCA before guests left at their own pleasure.  That gesture was simply amazing and honorable. All leaders should follow suit.

by JOB.


This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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