How are you choosing your wine this weekend?

Over the years the Kenyan wine culture has grown with quite a number of people realizing the unique yet amazing taste and feel that a glass of wine brings. Every single person has a different palate when it comes to wines and our tastes differ too. The allure that comes with wine is the taste and the feel. It is however clear that most people are not particularly knowledgeable on what wines to buy. As Africans we are not exactly well cultured on wine-taking, therefore we will go to the stalls get a bottle and be satisfied. But is it enough?

As a wine lover myself I tend to choose my bottles quite carefully. The drinking of wine is more than just a rendezvous while chilling rather it is an exquisite experience that needs to be handled with care. Wines are drinks of sophistication and should be chosen in the same manner. As the French say it, la vie est trop courte pour du mauvais vin, meaning life is too short to drink bad wine.

A general misconception has affected most people, with a large number of people believing the most expensive bottles also happen to be the best. Well this is quite a misguided myth. It is quite possible for one to buy a bottle and completely hate the taste of it, no matter how expensive. There are sweet ones which have been known to be quite popular in Kenya, then there are spicy ones. There is white, red and rose wine, not forgetting the sparkling wine and non-alcoholic wine. Through our different tastes it is a requirement for us to know our preferences when it comes to wines. There are less expensive wines that are quite spectacular and will agree with you. The four cousins sweet rose wine is a particular wine I have found to be agreeable with most Kenyans.

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When it comes to wine there is the matter of pairing with the meals. When pairing I don’t necessarily mean the normal cliché for red meat goes with red wine and white meats goes with white wine. Most times than not we tend to forget that wine pairing is not about what you cook but rather how you cook it. It should be something done with extreme care and total dedication. The wine is supposed to bring out the taste of the food and make it much better. A good example is poultry depending on how you cook it, it could be matched with dry white wine, light red or medium red. Just like desserts will most likely be paired with sweet wine or dessert wine. The pairing of wine to get the perfect taste is a craft that needs careful study and absolute care.

Know your wine, know the various regions where they come from, enjoy the taste of various wines before you pick your specific taste. It is also necessary for one to know whether they like earthy, fruity, concentrated or light and fruity wine. This will help in picking your wine of choice. It will also help in the enjoyment. Some people love spicy wine while others cannot stand it, some love the sweetness in rosy wines and others love it dry. Our tastes differ, know yours.

The drinking of wine is an adventure and if you are taking it just for the idea of getting drunk then you are indeed lacking out on the wine experience. It is necessary to know that, the drinking of wine is very significant and has meaning depending on who you sharing it with and what is the occasion. It is something that is done throughout the year and has come to be enjoyable and fun.

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Take that trip to a wine tasting event, enjoy the various tastes and pick your style. Or do the experimenting in the house and enjoy the various flavors. Remember, all wines taste differently, even those from the same place.




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