In the beginning there was a girl…TBT Photos of Miss World Kenya Taita Taveta.

Miss Taita Pageant was last held in 1928, …kidding.

Well, what we mean is that it’s been quite a while now, we can hardly recall when last was this noble competition held..and we mean PROPERLY HELD.  It was always set to showcase beauty and brains within the Dawida land. Did you know that at one point, back in 2013, a miss Taita Taveta was crowned Miss Tourism Kenya?  A story for another day

In the meantime, we bring you the TBT photos of one of the outstanding, consistent contestants regionally. Her beauty is undeniable, a former Technical University Of Mombasa TUM Graduate and Alumni of Matuga Girls in Kwale County, this Mdawida tiki has graced numerous fashion and modeling runways as well as bridal shows over the past 8 years or so.

Her sense of style is no doubt exquisite and impressive, she is the type that is always on point regardless of the hour of the day or night (I don’t have many details about the night),  but generally chances are that even in a high-end random Fendy fashion weekend in Paris, you will most likely spot or at least take note of her entirety…if not… you will be attracted by her relaxed & effortless smile.

Angie- Miss World Kenya-Taita Taveta County

Her name is Angela Gertrude Wambugha … the streets call her Angie. Former Miss World Kenya(Taita Taveta County)

Upon her win in a past  Edition, she went on to set up her initiative around Environmental conservation, a passion she juggles alongside her current professional engagements.

We wish her nothing but the best.

Let’s Roll it back!



Mistress of the run-way
Confidence Levels undisputed
Can rock any stage…
Aware of her style
Dazzles in the Dark
Alongside her security detail back in the day
Together with other jewels in a past pageant
The Lady in Red…
A beauty with Brains
Had a style
And a dream…to get her own . Miss Independent?
An Afro-damsel,… wasn’t that still ‘human’ hair anyway?
There is a girl in every woman…right?
Perhaps One in love with the environment
Fascinated by photos
With a constant and evergreen…/…. white smile


Let’s keep rolling back …

Braids …mnnh…not bad. About the earings…well, let’s move on
was that abad girl look?… your baddest??
Tough campus times… the salt says it all.
Before Studios and Photographers, there were stundio and cameramen
Hustle ilikuwa muhimu
Packages Muhimu
Now Now Now….Time to bow…let’s pray
Thank you God…You have been so wonderful….
Amen!  In the beginning, there was a girl ….here name was Angie


Indeed, it all starts from somewhere, it’s been a long time coming for Angie.  Unfortunately however, especially for the men, this jewel from Tsavo is already taken through a holy matrimony

Team mafisi … Go weep! in the next post.

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