Is the United States going to carry the trophy again? – Women’s World Cup


Have you been following the women’s world cup closely or not, my biggest guess is not and mainly because your concentration is on AFCON. Here let me draw you back a little to what the ladies are doing in France.

So the quarter finals were up last week: Norway was defeated by England in a 3-0 lose, the French were beaten by the ladies from the United States, Italy lost to the Netherlands in a 2-0 defeat, and the Swedish won against the Germans in a 2-1 win.

Tuesday this week saw the United States beat the English ladies in a 2-1 win and on Wednesday, Sweden lost to Netherlands in a 1-0 lose.

This is a big weekend for the women’s world cup as it will be bringing a close to the games on Sunday the 7th of July, 2019. The final game will be between the United States and the Netherlands, while Sweden will be playing against England on Saturday as they fight for the third place.

The main question in people minds is whether the ladies from Netherlands will be able to beat three times reigning champions, the United States and win for the very first time? Or if the United States will be carrying the trophy home the second time in a row and fourth time in history?





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