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It Shall Pass

I hope you are keeping safe most likely in the green zone as you are reading this. It is certainly a shocking moment for the entire globe to find itself in such a strange predicament. Unknown to most is when this shall come to an end or even worse if there is any end in sight.

You and I can only be grateful to be alive despite the hundreds of thousands of deaths recorded across the globe courtesy of the Covid-19 invasion.

An invasion that has revolutionized lifestyles and norms to unprecedented levels. Simply ask oneself for how long shall the mask on the face be a trend; will we wear this for just a month or possibly years?

Maybe. Maybe not. I hope not.

However, the resilient nature of the human species since time immemorial ought to be a reassurance THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

In the meantime though, an accurate observation reveals that the Corona pinch has been felt at virtually every corner of the globe.  Many have been compelled to readjust operation modes, closures have been witnessed in various cases where operation costs have eventually weighed out revenue streams, staff layoffs have sadly been imperative.

All this happens at a time when various restrictions are being the apparent solutions towards curbing the spread of the Covid-19. Cross border checks, Communal Curfew measures and lockdowns are being enforced at various levels of governance as a possible means to control and avert any loopholes that could lead to a surge

It has been a commendable move at various jurisdictions and most importantly at the individual level. Kudos! To you who is keeping safe, observing the necessary hygiene standards and possibly staying home as contribution towards the general safety of humanity at large.

My sincere appreciation as well to those at the frontline the medics, the law enforcers, the essential products and service providers, and the 4th estate as well for the tireless contributions at their various capacities in this unified global fight against the novel Corona Covid 19.

The above has been replicated at the regional level as well, the effects have been paramount at the business community level, lifestyles have been altered, and the fight has equally been visible at diverse fronts. We take an incisive look at various aspects in this special issue of the VBN Magazine.

It has been an honor to equally have a chat with one of the regional doctors, Dr. Eunice Wahome –the CEO of River Jordan Medical center as she shares a compelling story that portrays her journey through life as an ambitious lady, a caring mother, and astute business woman.

I hope you get to enjoy and learn from this as much more exciting features and contributions at our regular VBN columns as you Stay Safe.


This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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