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It’s good to be back! Re-introducing voi2day.

It’s good to be back!

It’s better if you clicked this link because of the inverted image. (You are my perfect Catch)

It’s best, typing this on my 24TH Birthday. 11.11. Keep the date. (All I see is #one) I won’t remind you next time. There are two ways to look at it: He always leads or He always misses on the top 10, or whichever way you find memorable.

Anyway … broadly speaking, your perspective of life should always count.

Too bad, i only got two #HBD wishes on my facebook timeline. Big up @Stanley & @Mc Musambati. By the way, “hata sijaskia vibaya” (on a lighter note) . It’s pretty much an indication of how much i have been detached from social media. I hope that changes.


Feels like summer’ music by childish Gambino is playing in the background. It’s on repeat mode. (My crazy habit when it comes to great music)

I just had a great ‘birthday breakfast present’ from my love. Her best friend and my longtime friend visited for the weekend too. It’s a few minutes past breakfast hour and everyone is already on their laptops typing. Am Hoping to see my buddies later on in the day for a brief catch-up, I call it the A-TEAM debrief. The rest of ‘blood’ family is attending mom’s graduations somewhere else. (Still in Africa) Congratulations mama!

– Stories for another day however


mr.job. Founder , CEO Tsavo Media Group.


At this digital-information-age, and basically for a long time, I have been a fan of the online space. Just like you hopefully!  And for a much longer time I have been a writer. I find words exiting. I find creative’ wordplay exhilarating and I find pictures’ that speak A million words therapeutic.

Let’s say as soon as I discovered the pen and paper or let’s say, as soon as I discovered the keypad and screen. There has been as series of pauses in a bid to set the right structures, the right platforms, the right team and some exciting strategic short & long term goals in the same regard.

Amid my professional-journey and dream, Various External obligations set in. They shaped the existing paths or created new ones. I Got to college pursue commerce, took education leaves mid-way, ventured into freelance projects, collaborated on innumerable programs, met diverse persons of interest, made friends, got acquaintances, fell in love,  shifted residence, embraced self-learning on various fields of interest, deservedly got an official job at some point, took a work leave, and got back to the dream, development phase of various platforms we hope to launch or re-launch out in the near future.

Purposely,it’a all for a positive impact considering our surrounding community, the best way we can as TSAVO MEDIA GROUP, a creative media & tech-agency I founded back in college and I run to-date.


In all this din… has been a dear project!


Starting off amateurish way back in early years in Campus, it remains as a primary brand within the outfit of TSAVO MEDIA GROUP. It has defined me and colleagues, the overall company, alike.



Let’s digress.

It’s interesting and fun sometimes to be synonymous with what you’ve developed, a brand or product you’ve created. At times, it’s even appalling. A while ago my former lecturer, Dr. Mjomba after a year or without contact, more or less forgot my name but could still recall the brand. And even more to get questions and DM’s of … whatever happened to… from former avid readers of the blog.  Of course all the above is in reference to the audience, especially the regional audience we built during the period of activity.



Much of the above and related experiences, primarily informed my decision to take my work leave and reorganize, strategize and rethink my primary purpose or goal. … Telling Stories… from the comfort of my free thought & and more flexible schedules.


It was ok to Take a break, take a back seat, ‘disappear’… Reappear bigger and better hopefully.


There is nothing wrong taking a back step now, so that you can take two quick steps later on.


Back to the story….

As dynamic as the current information age is, and also based on various personal experiences and inspirations drawn throughout the journey, I have technically, mutated into more than just a writer. Beyond the Commerce (marketing) Course, I pursued in college. I got into tech, photography, design, filming, media, publications, branding…and a whole lot of other interests that were pretty much self-taught. Of course a considerable number often refer to as me a blogger. (Still acceptable)

However, the constant has been that, I have remained to be just a creative.

I believe, once a creative, always a creative! Find your space to unleash it all.

Creativity and thinking different is actually the foundation attribute to most of the people I have engaged before, I engage today, and hopefully I will engage moving forward.

In Summary…


Well. We’ve been cooking. And it’s about time to get served.

Not long ago, with a colleague, brother and fellow enterprising gentleman, @Dibarts, we had a random discussion, he interjected at some point that, at the base of every entrepreneur’s goals, solving local problems or serving local needs should a key responsibility.  Great point Indeed.


Through among other subsidiaries, that we are yet to unleash under the TSAVO MEDIA GROUP umbrella, we hope to achieve just that in the long run.


….Do your thing, the money will flow….

You must have heard the above phrase, countless times. We are keeping it positive too.


On behalf of the team we are hoping you read this today, subscribe to the website among other platforms in our digital network so that you don’t miss the next story. Whether Light or in-depth, informative or entertaining, Gossip or factual. Researched or hypothetical, Still picture or motion picture stories and footages etc.


There is Room for public contributions too. Let’ Hear From You!


I will be prudent to give a thumbs up to regional opinion makers on the local online spheres,from the legendary, @KWAELA, to the likes of @impactNEWS, to @mchikirwandelejai, @VOICES,  among many other bloggers, Not forgetting the conversation starters and opinion shapers on the the ultimate regional info-joint-The Taita Taveta County Citizenry Forum. Good Job, kilian, tito, savaa, mwang’ombe, randiki, kombo mwanake, mwighoji, shakes,idric,mshirafu, pascal, dear 006 senator Mwaruma….and more especially the entire crop of local, professional journalists affiliated to different media houses.

Kudos! Keep on informing the people!



It’s amazing to have in the final nominees list for COAST AWARDS as blog/blogger of the year. We certainly wouldn’t mind a vote from you once the voting process kicks in. Kindly watch out!



We are looking forward to launching voi’s premier business magazine called the VOI BUSINESS NETWORK MAGAZINE. [VBN] and the VBN Online directory.  Read more about it HERE.



You can generally Read more ABOUT US.

Let’s know your Thoughts.  I will be letting into more details on the slogan – i belong

Equally, I will review the rest of the products and plans, and also of course the creative- A– TEAM.  Behind voi2day and much more. See you on the next post.


Let’s Roll.


Yours mr.job.


The founder, Creative Force and Chief Editor of Voi Business Network and at large the C E O of Tsavo Media Group. A creative, an avid reader, passionate marketer with lots of interest in media, tech and Entrepreneurship.

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