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Menial jobs and businesses but good salaries

In the world today the youth and many other unemployed people tend to be leaning more on the white collar jobs and frown upon blue collar jobs. There are various businesses that have quite the force yet most people will not venture into them because of pride or status.

There is the small business of selling edibles that people tend to look down upon especially the younger generation. The mama mbogas are looked down upon as they are seen to be doing a job that is beneath most people. What most unemployed people do not understand is that these are the people who drive the Kenyan economy forward and there is no mistaking it. Do you know a mama mboga will raise at least KES 50000 a month when you with your nice suits and well cut out pants barely make 30k? Did not know that, now you do.

Anne* sells groceries at the Voi New modern market and says that she would not leave her shop for anything. She is a mother of three children and her husband is employed as a driver. She explains to voi2day that without her biashara she does not know how her family would be coping, why? Her husband’s salary was only good enough when they were starting a family but now with three kids in school and bills to pay, it has proven to be quite little and she has to pull her weight. She says in a good month she can make up to KES 70000 profit depending on the supply of food products and the eating patterns. She says, “ naipenda kazi yangu na siezi iacha. Mwanangu aliye high school analipiwa school fees na hii duka kwa hivyo ntaendelea.” She says hers’ started as a kibanda near her home and slowly progressed to the shop she has today at the job market.

John*, a mechanic working at the Jua cali area around Bondeni, says that most people look down on him because he is a mechanic. He however says that he is proud of what he does and he enjoys it. The married father of one says that he can comfortably take care of his family and still ensure to save for the future and he cannot ask for more.

After speaking with several other people within the Voi area I learnt that there is a big misconception on the idea that blue collar job are not well paying. You couldn’t be more wrong. Some of these jobs are well paying and they are absolutely alright for anyone to do. Carpenters, masons, and other blue collar working people are just as workers like any other person and weirdly they contribute more to the economy and society than you who is wearing that prim and proper suit.



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