Money heist: if you have not watched it, you missing out?

So I have to admit that I am a late bloomer of the infamous series money heist. When people were singing money heist right left and center I had no idea what it was all about and I guessed its just like G.O. T times when people made so much noise without my understanding. So about a month ago I went to my neighbor for a movie and what did he have money heist as from season 1 to 3? So then began my journey into the Spanish royal mint with the team of gangs led by the professor, the mastermind of the heists?

The Spanish series I have to admit has quite the story-line and quite the flow. The characters are well picked out and I understand why people were obsessed with their names. Named after cities the characters bring out the plot of the story extraordinarily as drama, romance and betrayal becomes part of the heist that was well planned out. With the great professor looking out for his team, nothing could possible go wrong or could it?

Did I mention their names: Tokyo, Berlin, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Rio, and Nairobi.

Things fall apart in the mint as the team turn on each other after pent up frustration and lack of sleep affects each member? But hey good thing is they escape at the end of season 2. Season 3 comes with a new heist, more dangerous, more complex and so many possibilities? The cliff hangers, I won’t declare what happened at the end but I have to say, that was one way to leave us speculating, I mean what is happening with Nairobi?

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With the 4th season filming finished, fans across the globe have speculated that the series may be rolled out soon.  Rumor has it that it may premier at the beginning of 2020.

So, haven’t watched the series, grab yourself a season and some popcorns and please get in the money heist wave as for the rest of us we will be refreshing Netflix latest series until season 4 is uploaded.

Check out the trailer.





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