Mother, a selfless being.

If there is one great gift that the Lord gifted this world it is creating a woman. Sometimes I wonder, how can a woman be a result of just one rib? How? Someone so perfect in their imperfections. Makes me think men should have been way more perfect because they got 11 ribs. Because if just one could bring forth someone so kind, beautiful, loving, caring and understanding then the 11 should be exhibiting more than the one. I can bet not all agree. But anyway it’s not what am planning to talk about.

I just have one question, who is like a mother? This one person who will sleep hungry to ensure that your stomach is full, she will rather die of the cold but ensure that she hides you beneath her, she will take endless insults and beatings just to ensure that not a finger gets to you, she will withstand pain just to ensure that she gives you the best, take loans to see you through school, wear the same pair of shoes for years just to ensure you got a number of them and to top it all she kneels down before the Lord every day to say a short prayer so that you get to have a better view of things in life.

But where do they get this courage? Am not yet a mother but does it mean that I will also get to a point where I’ll be selfless for the sake of my children? Is it an inborn feeling or the moment you carry the unborn baby things just change? I still have the privilege to talk to mine every now and then. But how many times do you say thank you for everything she had to pass through to get you to where you are or do we just assume it’s their responsibility? We should never think that it is their responsibility because she has had so many chances to walk away but she didn’t.

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She might not be the type to tell you how much she loves you but her actions don’t fail her at all. So, while we can’t show her how much we appreciate and love her, we can once in a while tell them how much they mean to us, how much we love and appreciate them. Those words of affirmation are enough to keep her strong and going every day. We should not wait for mothers’ day to post her pictures and send sweet messages but we should always ensure that we celebrate them every chance we get. Salute to all mothers and women who have been mother figures to someone’s life.



Lilian musyoki

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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