Muhuri holds a Human Rights Consultative Forum

The MUHURI Association held a consultative meeting on the 27th September 2019 at the Palace Resort Mwatate. The meeting brought together various stakeholders with interests in defending human rights. Present were human rights activists from various sectors representing different organizations, the media and the police.

The forum was in a bid to create understanding between the various groups as well as help bridge gaps that have over time separated the stakeholders fro working together. Led by Muhuri representative Kelly, the forum was quite informative as the Human rights defenders were able to address their issues with both members of the media and the police force and vice versa.

Stakeholders discussing Human Rights issues at the consultative forum

The groups were invited to raise their concerns and explain what they expect from each other to harness harmony as human rights are defended. Among the issues raised were lack of fair and neutral education from the HRDs and civic societies, and lack of enough knowledge by some HRDS. The police were accused of intimidation and lack of reaction and security to human rights stories. The media were also said to be doing no coverage on human rights stories and the lack of collaboration with the other groups.

After the issues were raised each group was given a chance to address their issues while at the same time present ideas on how everyone can work amicably without conflicts. The police present from the Mwatate police station were able to inform everyone present on what members of the public perceive wrong and how to work well with the police. They also advised people not to be scared of reporting cases to the police if they hope to get justice for crimes committed against them.

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The meeting ended with all parties having agreed to work together in order to defend human rights.




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