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For a long time, I had desired a winter experience …
Well I dint have to travel abroad to get it or at least let’s just say a taste of it
TAITA Rocks Hotel –Wundanyi was the answer.
Well, I have travelled quite a lot…maybe not much as compared to you …but still, yeah I have been to places; At least through a better part Taita Taveta County.
Taita Taveta County At Large obviously boasts of being a leading tourist destination within Kenya
Due to that fact…it definitely means there are lots of hotel and resorts where visitors both residents and non-residents make stops for a sleepover, get together, or let’s just say have some good time
I have been to some of them for the above stated reasons, but there is one amazing stop that did strike me differently. Quite memorable indeed!-That is TAITA ROCKS HOTEL
Let’s simply say Rock Hotel is the first “tangible� building actually ushers you to Wundanyi –the current location of the county offices. Of course it is just adjacent to the Deputy Governor’s office. (SECURITY SECURITY! SECURITY!….is definitely a guarantee for that matter).
You’ll never fail to notice this large makuti structure uphill. Slightly above it is another magnificent, snow-white piece of architecture that you may mistake for some mansion or so.
 I call it the “Whitehouse.â€�
stair cases leading to the accommodation wing  
Well the plans of building a classy gate are underway…but that isn’t a big deal for now.
I must admit that at first I had been intimidated by the looks of this amazing place.
On my first day, I ascended up the beautiful stairs that wave uphill, wondering what life would be in there even just for a night.
I was there basically to inquire.
Surprising were the rates of both meals and accommodation. Let me just say the prices were way too affordable than I thought.
Besides the prices, there is one thing that draws you more to ROCKS HOTEL.  Talk about the surrounding environment.
The unique setting is definitely a cutting edge as compared to lots of other areas.
On my first visit, I am taken in and around the hotel grounds by the manager himself, Mr. Moimolet GEOFREY. Isn’t that the height of humility…Huh?
I keep taking glances at the artistic lash green lawns as we go uphill. I also get amazing views of the hills and rocks at a distance. Atop the hills, graciously stand tall trees and I cant. I suppose it’s the rainforest. Part of the cloud seems to actually form beneath the some canopies.
Moments later, am ushered into the rooms and I am shown the various classes of accommodation from as low as 1500-5000.
A simple glance at the rooms even without further assessment makes you nod and agree that it is indeed worth it.
The bulbs above and the lump shade at the corners, gives you option of just how much light you need in there.
The furniture is on point; Warm, African themed and Classy.
The tiles therein are perfectly arranged and contemporary
The vintage decorations tone down the contemporary looks of the rooms.
The paintings are neatly placed and they blend so perfectly with the walls
The walls’ color combinations are pleasing to the eye.
TAITA HILLS are definitely one of those cold areas. I guess sometimes, it hits below 20’C and the management knows that perfectly.
Actually there is providence of using one or 2 blankets depending on how you feel. A card rests on one of the cabinets containing the contacts of the caretaker.  In case you need that extra blanket, JUST CALL.
Moment later we get to the top floor.
I feel strange to myself
“Scenic� is the deserving word
I fall into state of amazement as the green of these hills, the red and yellows of the gardens beneath, the grey of the mist at close range, and the blue of the sky at a distant fill my eyes. Trust me it was a spectacular combination.
Still, caught up in that state, from a distance, a cloud slowly moves from the west and covers my vision of the hills on the other end. It seems tangible from the balcony and I felt like giving it a hug
That was just awesome…
The rain begins to drop. Just alight shower
I can’t see beyond as the cloud thickens more.  The cold bites into my skin even more.
One of the perfect mistakes I made was failing carrying over a jacket to this place.
CAUTION: Never do that especially if pneumonic.
The cold makes my skin shrink….it is a feeling of the skin sinking between my bones. But I chose to persevere. It is a bitter-sweet experience.
You better come over with your lover next time. Just a suggestion.
Day two,
I am in here for a simple lunch
Roast potatoes and a soft drink would do.
After a 15-20 min I get just that, neatly served with salad arranged over it
The yellow potato, the green veges, the red tomatoes, purple onions, the red-orange carrots, are presented in a snow-white plate with slices of green cucumber surrounding the edges. The necessary cutlery too is brought in a separate smaller plate, well arranged over pieces of serviettes.
Yeah! Just simple order and all the above lay beneath my eyes, I’m going vegetarian this afternoon but it doesn’t seem like it. Huh?
A reason to salivate of course
Now that is TAIATA ROCKS HOTEL offer to its guest.
Guess the next course of action
The days weather…
At this hour, it’s fairly clearly and warm
Hours later however, the mist builds up again.
I get to have a chat with the manager on the kinds of guests that visit
County officer  …given the proximity of their offices to Rocks (A 5min drive to the governor’s office and a 1 minute walk to the Deputy Governor’s office)
Talk about security this is definitely secure spot. Therefore besides the average mwananchi, even the some high profile guests often visit.
Weddings, goat eating’s, tourist stops …name it.
It’s all being done over here.
I while away more time as I browse, given the free and strong Wi-Fi.
A few gentlemen and ladies walk in…to haves some supper I guess and definitely good time too…
For me, I scoop of white rice
Pieces of beef and chicken…salad…on my table….
I munch that up, Browse more, before being ushered into my room as I part with a few notes
There was no need for a deluxe suit
Since it was just me, single would do.
The lights off….Gosh!
There is no need to worry. There is a generator back up
Let’s talk about my room…
…king size bed…two pillows, the blanket…wow!
At the corner is a lampstand
The cable in between the bulb and the plug is rapped in in a cow skin. Imagine that!
I am impressed about that.  Talk about keeping it African
The painting depicts rock resembling an actual rock on one of the hills outside. I am certain that was the source of inspiration for whoever painted the piece.
A look into the wash rooms…
Amazing! … The towels and tiles are on point…
Very spacious indeed…than somebody’s bedroom somewhere…
It is quite clean … than somebody’s kitchen somewhere…
I can’t sustain the cold no more
I jump into bed.
 Nop! I actually sat and gently rolled in between the sheets coated with a thick blanket.
 I can’t recall the brand. All I remember is that it was such a warm one to sustain a sweet sleep on some cold Taita hill in Wundanyi.
Good morning Rocks hotels!!
My day is almost coming to an end…am up by 6.00am.
Then I step into the washrooms
Over here, never dare take a cold shower…
And the management knows it…
Just switch on and have a warm/hot shower if possible.
Clothes down, switch on, Towels up, dry up, dress up
Latest time for Guest, should be 10.00 AM
I am tempted to try the Wi-Fi once again
It is even much stronger than it was yester night
I open my UK-TOP 40 Play list
I see the dawn of a new beginning….this time … this time….we can go home
I hear the streets of tomorrow calling…I go… I go….where you go
Those are the first lines of a song titled SOMETHING NEW by Axwell and Sebastian
I get ready to say goodbye to Rocks Hotel, but not before….a hot morning black coffee accompanied by Doughnuts and bread.
I browse for morning updates as I write I “sketch� of this review of my Whitehouse experience
In the background, is Ed-sheeran with his hit-song– “Thinking out loudâ€�
Hey over there, you too, should think about TAITA ROCKS HOTEL

This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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