Nikita Kering showing Kenyans how music should be done

I have absolutely no beef with our musical groups and artistes but I also gotta ask do you really think about the kind of songs that you write or is it just about the views? I respect them as they are making their own money and working hard at it but the songs you sing really!

So here we are in a generation where our young men and women write some absolutely absurd songs that make no sense and we their fellow Kenyans give them the views. This is from a personal perspective but I believe that we have lost our ability to write songs. Very few songs in the market can be heard clearly and that can send a message. Why can’t a love song be just about love, why does it have to be kinky and perverted why can’t a hype song be all about kujibamba instead of “pandana” and “wamlambez”?

Long gone are the days where we could hear songs that communicated to our inner souls, lyrics that made us stop and think, we don’t want to listen to reason no more but the pervertiveness of society. Don’t believe me go to you tube and check out the kind of songs our young Kenyans are producing today. Granted not all of them are producing such songs there are a few who are shining the musical torch quite high. I have to mention Nadia Mukami for a young lady her songs are PG rated and love songs that communicate love and have a specialty to them.

Nadia Mukami

Now there is this lady, she sings to my soul, her voice so melodious, her lyrics extraordinary and I put her way up there in the charts. If she was not in Kenya I bet her music career will be hitting the roofs by now. Her views on You tube are quite low yet she has a spectacular feel with all her songs. Her name is Nikita Kering (did I mention she is still a teenager), the first time I heard her I could not believe she is Kenyan, I was listening from a distance and I had to ask who that is. Her music connects to so many, and everyone I meet that has heard her automatically confesses that she has the voice of an angel and the ability to take the world by storm. I might be biased here but I believe that she is Oscar worthy and we can call her our own version of Adele.

Yes yes yes I know I just praised her excessively but I believe that her music is the kind of music that we need in this country. Sometimes, I hope that I will check You Tube and find one more Kenyan headed in that direction but I see that day is yet to come.

To Kenyan artistes, I respect your craft and I respect your courage to go out there and sing your hearts out but are views the only thing your talent is worth. Where is the content where is the message? I leave you with that.

Check out this song by Nikita Kering and tell me you don’t feel it like I do.



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