Otile Brown the Kenyan Diamond

Otile brown is back with a bang. After a scandalous 2018 he has come back better showcasing his talents through his latest hits. At the end of 2018 the Kenyan King of Bongo surprised us all with the hit ‘Samantha’ which has so far accumulated close to 900k views on you tube.  The hit which is a dedicated love song to “Samantha” fictional or real it is not known, but the song hit the airwaves with a bang and people hummed to it.

A month later he is back at it again but this time with a much bigger hit ‘Kenyan girl’ which is still at the top of the trending list since it was released. With about 700k views in 8 days, it is promising to be a big hit and I can say on behalf of Kenyans we are ecstatic on his behalf.

Otile, you are the pride of Kenyans, we love your songs and the lyrics amazing. It is no surprise why so many ladies across the country swoon at the mention of your name. Kenyan girl may not be dedicated to anyone in particular but I think all the Kenyan ladies feel the love.



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