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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Principal, Prof. Hamadi Boga, the two DPs present, Prof. Christine Onyango and Prof. Baraza, Registrar ARO. Dr. J Kiptanui Too, Dean of students, Mr. Dishon Mungoda, the sensitive security officer. Mr. Maganga and his fellow Bwana Matano,The transparent body of SOTTUC electoral commission led by a principled Chairman, Mr. Philip Cockins, all the teaching staffs and non-teaching staff, dignitaries and invited guests, the outgoing SOTTUC office, the incoming SOTTUC Office, My dear comrades, ladies and gentlemen, I am profoundly distinguished and deeply modest to stand before you this evening to pronounce the end of a dark night in TTUC and launch officially today the precursor of the new dawn.
[epq-quote align=”align-center”]I shall stand for truth, transparency and accountability! I will thrust error with courage and vigor and propagate ideas of truth no matter the raging storm !  HARIZON[/epq-quote]
Foremost, I abundantly thank you all for abandoning everything else to come and witness the precursor of the new dawn for TTUC. Indeed you have proven that your love for TTUC far overweighs the love of self.

Ladies and gentlemen, whoever still doubts that TTUC is a place where all things are possible, then today is your answer. Whoever still thinks that TTUC is a place where the demigods of ethnic antifeminism will continue to reign supreme, whoever still thinks the esteemed comrades of this university will continue to lump into the cocoons of ethnic myopia, whoever still doubts that TTUC students have said enough and decided, then standing before you is a witness.
Lest I forget, may I applaud the following ;

Our beloved Principal and his team for having effectively served us for the past years . We have been in this our institution unlike other universities that sent their students home concerning elections wrangles and other challenges, TTUC stands unshaken and ever moving forward.

I wish to extend my second bunch of gratitude to the electoral commission body headed by Mr. Philip Cockins, you have broken the records of transparency compared to the previous body, you are one in a million. You stood firm to the spirit of the law like a pole to the needle. When some persons wanted us out of the race , you stood firm like the unchanging hills, May God bless you abundantly.

To all my campaign team and strategic teams, led by my best and childhood associates Chebesh Desmond, Tobias Thomas Tangara, Kimathi Alex Wanyoike , Soita Vance, Wanyonyi N Rachael, Abigael Jebet, Robert Weru, Kyangi Joseph, Monicah Mutie , Isaiah Otieno, Alio Kheira, Maxwell Kombe and Stellah Maiyo , you all conducted the most mature campaign I have ever experienced. My agents Meshack Isoe and Kenneth Omwakwe, you will not only remain my roommates and best friends but also my mentors, you all made sure that everything goes well.

To the TUSPA family led by Phelix Nyagaka and Alex Opiyo, you all made sure that this academic year, all comrades were sensitized on issues concerning the university leadership. I will ensure that TUSPA family remain “alive and kicking” till the end of my reign for they are CIDs of the comrades interests.
To the security officer, Mr. Maganga and his team, you have a first class appreciation from my team for having made sure that peace prevailed on the day of elections that all comrades were worried about, you made sure that the elections were carried transparently without rigging as has been claimed before.
To the rest of my team, I love you people. Forsaking everything, putting aside self, sacrificing your resources just for Owino, was not an easy choice. The team you have provided to change the phase of TTUC represent the face of KENYA. I cannot name you all my dear comrades but wherever you are just know that I HARIZON OWINO OKONG’O shall not only be the chairman of one ethnic group, but a leader of all comrades.
My final gratitude goes to the worth competitors who made the journey tough, without Mohamed Noti and Simon Kinyua, this campaign would have been tasteless. I have already met them all and agreed to have politics aside, TAITANS first.

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow comrades, you are my heroes and heroines this day! I celebrate you for giving me such a powerful team of executives and non-executives. Today mark the BIRTH OF A NEW DAWN! Today marks the day when all TAITANS should stay with calm assurance of a safe haven and safe tidings. This is my hope, your choice and our destiny. I want to summon all our energies to a common agenda! Comrades, it is high time to unite, it is time to forget all our political rhetoric and change the course of Good! It is either NOW or NEVER! It is the precursor of a new dawn.
Together with the relevant stakeholders, this is my pledge for the next one academic year;

Monthly allowances for class representatives and the campus leaders. Who doesn’t know the work these people do ? Classreps and Ngerenyi campus students’ leader, I commit to stand by your side despite the raging storm. In addition, I shall work with the Estate department and Halls Office to improve sanitation and conduct regular renovation of washrooms. Ladies and gentlemen, cleanliness is next to Godliness. I request Estate department and Hall’s Office to reinvent the placement of condoms in our hostels and other premises. This is no way means we are evil, it only means we are responsible Kenyans who wants to live longer and contribute towards national progress. I request you to put up the new reading tables and chairs in the hostels i.e block F and other hostels for our fellow comrades to have their conducive reading environment.

To transport department, kindly make the same policy of weekly ferrying students to Voi be applicable to our fellow comrades in Ngerenyi campus, complains from comrades to our drivers, the way you handle our fellow comrades in the bus is of no longer campus level, this is new a dawn, I request any comrade that shall be mishandled from today henceforth to come forward with evidential facts for actions to be taken where necessary.
I also call upon the school to expedite the completion of water tanks and to maintain the continuous water flow in the school water system, Water is life of a comrade.

Students with disabilities, you are not left behind , my term will fully take care of you. We shall look forward to have your representative in place.
For our Non-resident students, I kindly request the administration to extend their services to the non-resident students, TTUC is becoming a threat to the community when we expose students to have water service wrangles with the community in terms of increasing the cost of water due to high demand created by students.

To my fellow comrades of TTUC ;
i. We the new team, would like to urge all the contestants to join us in hand for the politics are over, I hereby summon the so rumored team of opposition and some members of the outgoing office to keep off their immature incitements to comrades for they are just like a drop of water in the sea. You were in the office for one academic year, you had done your part. I urge all comrades, this time round come out clear, whenever there is an abuse of power from our leaders, we must learn to be our brothers and sisters keepers. Lets’ visit our bible and read Romans 13: 1-14, ” Let every soul be subject unto the higher power. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resist the power, resist the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves judgments. For the rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil…. For he is the minister of God to you for good, But if you do that which is evil, be afraid, for he hears not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of Go, an avenger to execute wrath upon him that does evil ……… ”

Finally to our beloved Principal Prof. Hamadi Boga and his Deputies, I kindly request for the following;

1. Kindly allow the students who have met the 85% payments of the school fees sit for their final exams to regulate the application of special exams and encounter the unnecessary academic leave and deregistration of students,

2. We humbly request for the detachment of accommodation fees from the school fees to ease the process of accommodation of comrades.

3. Benignly allow the resident students and non-resident students to sign nominal roll, register units, fill and sign the non-resident forms with or without full payment of school fees.

4. Kindly have a checkup concerning our health unit, for both the verbal and non-verbal treatments offends the freedom of comrades, complains of issuing irrelevant medications to students i.e. issuing of ibrupofen, paracetamol and other drugs for any type of illness should seize,

5. Through your office Mr. Principal, we humbly request to have our sporting venues completed, and if they are under governmental contracts, then kindly tell us the fate of the venues i.e swimming pool, football pitch, hockey pitch, rugby pitch, basket pitch, netball pitch, volleyball and any other unmentioned, or we can send our cry to the Government through the national media, comrades are ready to swim in our swimming pool, but the challenge is that we can’t swim due to yearly painting of the swimming pool. Sporting activities are one of the key factors to keep our fellow comrades from HOME SICKNESS.

6. Through your office Mr. Principal, the Ngerenyi campus students need to be relieved from the bondage they are undergoing now i.e washing utensils, milking daily roster, cleaning of mess and MOSTLY the constant threat from their acting dean of student by always singing to them the issue of disciplinary committee for even party noise making in campus.

7. Mr. Principal, we humbly request for the improvement on the security lights i.e rough road to Hills View, admin-gate rough road, the path way to Sunset B and some paths within the campus, we the comrades mostly come across the unique and scary snakes along all the above mentioned paths.

8. We humbly ask your office to put in place a policy that governs the rental fee that supervises the landlords along the university premises, for they are overcharging non-resident students as they take advantage of the university status. They do not provide water to the students, so they need to reduce the rental fees. I believe comrades are not ready to be overcharged this time round, we have to agree that TTUC is growing mostly in terms of population and very soon 3/4 of students’ population shall be staying outside the campus, before things become hotter to handle, we request your office to join us in hand invite all the landlords for a coffee hour to discuss the rental fees just like it is done in other universities like Pwani University, JKUAT main campus, TUM and others.

9. Through your office Mr. Principal, we call upon the immediate response to harsh treatments students encounter from the admin offices i.e. academic registry, Academic Departments and our Lecturers in classes. We would like to live like brothers and sisters but not like admin and students rivals.

It is my passion and dream, and remember divine driven dreams are so immortal that no amount of frustration can intimidate them. Comrades, lets us rise and be counted, Harizon Owino is not out for a war with anybody in the campus. The Harizon-phobia in minds of many should cease! I shall stand for truth, transparency and accountability! I will thrust error with courage and vigor and propagate ideas of truth no matter the raging storm !

As senator Robert F. Kennedy said on the day of affirmation while addressing the University of Cape Town, ” It is from a numberless divine act of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands for an idea or act to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against an injustice, he sends out a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and during those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance”,

 As our father of Africa, Nelson Mandela concluded by saying , ” If these strides towards freedom will take death then let it come! “.

Comrades, this is my hope, my choice and of course our destiny ! Thank you my fellow comrades.
May God bless TTUC!


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