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Queens Of The Run-way

Taita is a Land of phenomenal beauty
So, is TTU… I’d love to think.
Or more precisely, Land of the Sexy…
Well, before you say, OOOoouuUULISKIA WAPI !!!, …
I must admit both adjectives are quite relative though.
And yes, these are terms that are pretty much dependent on the eyes of the Beer holder or more accurately, in this case, the hands of the Pen holder.
Transitioning from sole-gender, secondary institutions, as I believed most of us did, onto another level of education, CAMPUS, it gave us the freedom to once again mix and interact with the opposite gender, …
This definitely came with some great sense of RELIEF!
With time, the stench-filled classroom set-ups we were used to back in our respective high schools, got replaced with new fairly airy AB…Something classes and occasionally the auditorium sessions with new fresh acceptable auras that emanated from the other gender’s perfumes, fragrances, and once in a while the cheap roll-ons, AXE and Versmans, by a few changamkaad Guyz.
Of course much of it was HELB sponsored!
Anyway, in this new realm of boychaoid and galchaoid engagement, the physics law of unlike poles attracts, became more practical than ever!
Coursemates soon became inter-course-mates
Allow me to take a man’s perspective.
A key determinant that prompted need for such interactions, connections, relations, attachments, relationships, not forgetting ‘prayer partnerships’ was of course, beauty, physique and general outlook …among others, YES, AMONG OTHERS (…brains, virtues, values, spirituality, tribe, money, …name it)
… they all came in after what ‘we’ saw physically, literally, I believe!
Beauty is quite superficial yet still critical, a trait.
Some valued it, some didn’t. But Most did. A lot still do.
Some had it, Some ….
Inasmuch as TTU, was an extension of JKUAT, infamously referred to as a boys’ university, TTU gradually morphed away and eventually, its fair share of Queens.
Periodically, and went Enta was Entaaa, we had the Campus pageant, Mr & Miss Uni competitions!
Primarily, the goal was for the fraternity to recognize those who epitomized, beauty and brains…But who cared about brains anyway? They already made it to campus…. what more brains were judges looking for by the way….?
For a long time, brains have been a formality …, in hindsight, it was a competition, of beauty, bums, curves, and skin tones…
The Campus Pageant was often Three Fold, Miss Fresha and the Ultimate Miss TTU. Then by extension, off college, there was Miss Campus, Voi Taita Taveta County.
As prestigious as the Titles might sound, and comparatively speaking, these Trio-Titles, BEYOND THE CROWN and the SASHES, hardly did they attract any tangible rewards and barely did they bestow any responsibilities upon the winners. As you would perhaps expect.
Instead the two events, occasionally flawed and at times poorly planned, often became a stamp to the inflated budgets of the Entertainment Docket, the Student Union and event of the days. Year in Year Out.
Except for some. Depending on what you experienced during your years.
There might never be much to write home about, beyond the accolades, but it will be fair enough to acknowledge these Afro-damsels that dazzled the auditorium that once-in-an-academic year, nights
Let’s focus on the Girls! …oops the Queens of the Runways,
So there was … (Cant quite recall her name)
A year before joining, I established, she was the Queen of the runway … A Petite and sassy and, brown skin from the lakeside, had impressed the Judges and reigned for the year, 2010/2011 or thereabout
Exit her, enter Seline Awuor Mak’Onyango ,….
Seline, a fair dark tone, was perhaps the embodiment of beauty, all through her 4 year stay in TTU, a classic student model so to speak. Perhaps in Michael Joseph’s Language, “A Tyra Banks trapped in a black skin”
Face, Check,
Hairdo Check,
Height, Check,
Fashion, check,
Smile check,
Waist Check,
Curves check.
Speech check,
Leadership Responsibility, Check,
Yes –Tribe Check
Make-up, Check,
…..well, and even as a natural, Seline would make a make-up kit blush!
Beyond serving as a Class Rep and playing key roles in the Red-cross Club during her time, Seline, won Miss Fresha, went on to win Miss TTU as well as Miss Campus, Voi Taita Taveta County. A rare Trio-Crown Wins.
Exit Selina, Enter, Wamuyu Brenda Wairagu….
Daughter of Mumbi, Medium height, and as you will expect, a flawless light skin who had a detailed strut on both the runway as well as the campus pavements, another Maths Comp. student (Watu wa MMPE mko wapi?).
Brenda, Alias Bree, was an Undeniable lover of experimental fashion, technically a fashion killer of everything she dons, day or night. In hostels or in classes.
She loved clothes, and clothes loved her back, and of course, she beautifully made short hair icy, with her occasional blond-on-the-edge hair-do, a timeless signature!
Brenda, currently a stylist, equally had a Trio-crown, winning Miss Fresha, Miss TTU, And Miss Campus Voi-Taita Taveta County
Exit Brenda, Enter Phlesh Nekiee …
Slim, Tall and Geeky, This Chilled lass ironically, didn’t traditionally contest for the Miss Fresha, but surprisingly won, Miss TTU but missed out on Miss Campus, Voi Taita Taveta County.
Phlegon Nekesa, a daughter of the west, seemingly was more inclined to the academics and was a devoted member of the MICTECH, at some point bagging The Varsity Expo awards while still bearing the Miss Varsity Title. A Rare Occurrence indeed.
All these beauties, did what they could & left as they did.
In the subsequent Editions, a few more TTU beauties graced and scooped the singular Miss Fresha and Miss Campus Voi-Taita Taveta County Titles i.e. Maureen and one more time another Brenda, this time,
Brenda Melanie


Given the gradual loss of substance in these titles, the subsequent pageants and contests haven’t yet counted. much since
However, one more lass is determined to redefine the TTU Pageant Culture…
….Were it not for Corona!
Modelling is her pure passion! Just as words are to this writer!
EXIT ALL…Enter Dursila ‘Campbell’ ….
Through a couple of perspectives, Dursila Odoyo, another Lake-side lass, Yawa! BUT Do we say?, …reflects a bit of Seline Awuor Mak’Onyango; Height, Check, Skin Tone, check, Waist = πr^2 (Pi-r-Squared)–whereby R is just 11.65 cm.
Regardless, it suffices to say, Duchi is Unique in her own right too.
In a towering, slender but packed frame, layered with a crisp melanin tone, a not-so-wide yet elegant smile, compounded by confidence-level-101, Dursila has already bagged a double, winning Miss Fresha as a sophomore, and also she is currently the reigning Miss TTU.
Despite losing the Miss Campus-Voi Taita Taveta County, and thus, slightly missing out from the special league of Trio-Crown Winners, Dursila ‘Campbell’, doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon!
Unfortunately, I haven’t yet quite Interacted with Duchi thaaaat much, but from the look of things, she is evidently set for greater heights.
Considering the recent Online YMS pageant, Duchi signed up, alongside hundreds of other contestants across the nation, for the competition and is already leading the trail in a contest set to culminate in the next few days.
Of course, a good chunk of her associates, classmates, friends and family have already cast their votes to ensure she leads the pack. However, TTULife, is simply imploring you, one more time, may you cast your vote so that Duchi Duchi, who is currently leading at over 1700 votes, becomes unreachable!
Will you?
Dursila. Campbell!
Run Away with this YMS Crown nyar
ST Francis Rang’ala Girls


Fair to note, however, fellow TTULife colleague
Edwinah Mariaria

is right in 2nd position with over 1200 votes as well.

Bravo! Another vote for TTULife wouldn’t chew much of your bundles.
Vote for both, When you can!
TTULife, By default, inducts 2 Trio-Crown Queens, Seline Awuor Mak’Onyango & Wamuyu Brenda Wairagu, into the TTULife WALL OF FAME, for winning the Trio-Titles (Miss Fresha, Miss TTU, and Miss Campus Voi-Taita Taveta County) during their varsity years.
If Dursila wins the YMS Pageant, so will she be the 3rd.
Model Inductee. You can make it happen! Stamp this with one more vote for this melanin, steaming hot water vapour, who I hope is not a heart breaker!
Vote today and every day via this Link:
Photo Credit: Abubakar Abdulrahman Hassan

This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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