Senegal and Algeria face off at AFCON finals

It is the finals week FINALLY!

The AFCON  games have been quite the surprise with big teams exiting when they were least expected. After the rigorous quarter finals that saw the exit of teams like Ivory Coast, South Africa and Benin, we were all left wondering what would become of the games since even the hosts had been kicked off in the round of 16.

It was however not a surprise when both Algeria and Senegal made it to the semis as they had showed great tenacity and determination all through since the games began. On Sunday the North and Western Africa teams made a great play for the finals where they beat Nigeria and Tunisia respectively. Algeria managed to beat Nigerian Super Eagles 2-1 and the Senegalese beat Aigles de Carthage( Eagles of Carthage) of Tunisia in a 1-0 defeat.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the game between Tunisia and Nigeria as they fight for the third position and on Friday we will be at the edges of our seats as we await for the ultimate champion of the AFCON games 2019.

Will it be the Lions of Teranga from Senegal or The Desert Foxes from Algeria?

The most fascinating thing is both teams in the finals are from the same group, Group C.

East Africans did we ever have a chance? And by that I mean Kenya and Tanzania who were both in Group C.




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