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Social Media, The new drug we can’t live without

The 21st century has come with a lot of surprises; taking nude photos and posting them, sneaking from home to go clubbing, the sponsor and cougar ‘manenos’ and so much that I can’t begin to pen all of them down. Most of these things the 21st century child does is for one main purpose to get the social media validation. Do you have an idea how many photos one takes just to ensure they pick the perfect one that will be posted in Facebook and Instagram? Probably 20 or more depending on what they are looking for.

The world of social media has stolen away peoples identity, innocence, and uniqueness as most of us strive to fit in among the cool kids. Today the ‘cool kids club’ meet on Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook, or kik. There are a bunch of other platforms I did not mention but you know them. Youths end up doing crazy things as long as they will end up with a bunch of likes and loves.

Others go to the extent of starving themselves for a number of days so they can have enough money to spend together with their friends when going out to posh places. Why? Because we do not want to feel like we are missing out and for the social media photos. They want to ensure their social media pages are only filled with nice photos of when they are out having fun.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why day in day out you have to post something on social media? Sometimes I think some of us get obsessed with social media platforms and how many likes and comments our posts fetch. Failure to get enough likes, forces us to ask ourselves if we are pretty enough, hot enough, and all sorts of questions. Others end up deleting the photo posted to look for a much better one because they want the likes and comments to make them feel accepted. We want to post photos in fancy restaurants, the new shoes we bought, the car we drive or even the people we hang around.

This is simply because we are seeking approval from people who do not care about us. We want these people we do not know to tell us how good looking we are to feel enough and worthy. We crave so much the attention they give us and the wave our posts create that once we don’t get them, we start going crazy. Additionally, it is to show our friends from school be it high school, campus or primary how far we have made it in life, that we are balling, we can afford the luxurious stuff in life and we are cooler. A sense of superiority is something else we always want to feel. The fact our posts and photos can create a wave of arguments and discussions make us feel above those whose attract none.

What do you gain from this? Nothing I must say, but for some it gives them the feeling of belonging. Most times than not, the real life is not as interesting as the superficial one. Sometimes we are forced to do all this social media presence because of life pressures. Simply because you want to show your other friends that are well off that you are too and life isn’t actually taking a toll on you. It gets worse to a point ladies look for sponsors and rich boyfriends to feed their needs so they can match up to the others. For men it’s the cougars. Probably, so they can drive that posh car and have that classy phone.

Social media validation, acceptance and affirmation has become an obsession for many of us. It is so severe that we put our families’ opinions down and believe only what is said via screen by strangers. Rarely do we take the time to examine ourselves and give the opinion ourselves unless we post it. The idea of saying ‘I am’ without back up from a site seems so appalling that it scares the young generation so much. Self-acceptance is only based on what our peers say in their comments that it makes it so hard for the generation Z to accept themselves as they are. A saying from a famous movie ‘Cool Runnings’ says ‘if you are not enough without it, you will never be enough with it.’ it starts with not caring about the likes and comments.



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