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Faith Simotwo Zainabu, a fair lady in her early 20s is STAREHE GIRLS ALUMNA who’s always been passionate about the girl child campaign. Though orphaned at an early age, Currently  she is a mathematics and computer science student in her final year in TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.

She lived with both parents until 2005 when the grim reaper ultimately robbed her off her pillar of strength- her mother.
“Growing up after mother had passed on was one of the toughest things life offered me but I am glad I sailed through. We later moved and stayed in Rift valley�-she says

Like most, she went through a good number of schools in her primary years among them being, Fountain academy Nairobi, Mike mercy children center and later sat her KCPE at kecheiyat junior academy soring 424 marks out of the impossible 500.

Starehe Girls was her first choice and as expected she got the call to join the prestigious national school

“Learning in Starehe was the most amazing thing.
It became a home for me.
Interacting with the bright students from less humble back-grounds played a major role in molding me to whom I am today since it exposed me to many experiences and opportunities
� she says.

Having served as a prefect since her early years in primary school the case therefore wouldn’t have been any different in her later years in high school and in college.
In Starehe she participates in a couple of clubs and also founded some that she consequently headed. French and arts were some of her favorites.

Life after high school…
Then with no father or mother, the passion for the girl-child was triggered
“My urge for service in regard to the girl child increased day by day. I didn’t want most of the girls I’d let meet in life to go through certain torturous experiences that would in one way or the other hinder their dreams in life�

The current ambassador of GIRL RISING AFRICA expounds, “Girls are gifts just like boys. My ultimate wish is that all girls secure better education just as boys despite their humble backgrounds. I am also involved in fighting and speaking against FGM and rescuing underage girls from early marriages�

GIRL RISING is an organization that uses storytelling and other forms of literature to inspire action that gets gals into classrooms

taking oath of office as the VC 2014/15

The second lady vice chairperson in SOTTUC’S young history believes that Education can help break circles of poverty in our generation.

Faith later joined somo mashinani organization and Akili dada. These organizations had the same e objectives geared toward a certain cause that would benefit the girl child
During the same period she started DELF B2 in Alliance Françoise and won an award to France for two weeks.

“I also got to work at baba dogo hospital and Barclays bank. I later move to Taveta where I served as a teacher before joining campus� she says

In 1994 around the time she was born, her late mother was one of those to have come in this institution when it was meant to be a teachers training college. Un-known to her was that about 18 years later she would be setting foot on the same place as a student of TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE.

“Stepping into TTUC was a blessing and one of the best happenings back in 2012� she continues “this campus has over time shaped me. My passion has grown from just that of the girl child to the youth in general�

While in campus she was selected to be among the global youth council-Youth service America.

Being presented with the Principal’s AWARD-2015

In, 2014 she was one of those presented with the PRINCIPAL’S AWARD.
It was the same year that saw her be-come elected as the Vice chairperson of the Students’ union
Winning meant a lot to her. Waking up and knowing that the welfare of the students is on her hands comes with lots of challenges that she has hopefully learnt to cope with.

“Office didn’t alter much of my life because I am still the talkative and social type. If anything, I am glad it brought me closer to my role model Prof Christine Onyango. Prof is a one of our Deputy Principals. She is strong and outstanding. She understands her job well. She has achieved lots so far. I hope to be better in the near future. In terms of dressing I am forced to be official most of the time.â€�

BESIDES Professor Christine, she has got other mentors among them, DR KIONG’ORA, ALBERT NASHON of Slum Code, UNCLE DR. SEIF and JAMES SMART. Albert has molded me to be the go-getter i am today. James smart re-minds me, I can be any-thing despite humble backgrounds DR KIOGORA a TTUC lecturer often says a good leader has to be a good reader. My Uncle Dr. Seif is one of a kind who says I must al-ways be outstanding even if others stand out”
FAITH often mentors most of her peers but gives credit to some of them such as Florence Fundi.
 â€œThey keep reminding me to push on whenever I am feeling downâ€�

A simple day for the FAITH:” I often wake up at 6:30, Check in for classes if there are any fro the day.  During my free time i focus on arts such as  poetry and short story writing. I also create time for my blog- THE JOURNEY

“I started the JOURNEY in 2012. I felt like I needed to share story with the world and hopefully inspire someone that they don’t need to have it all in order to make it.�

After campus,
She hopes to visit the USA for an intern-ship with YSA. The energetic lass also hope to have her masters before 2019 besides Expanding projects for the girl child. She’s got no interest for regional politics but may reconsider if need be.

Her message to the Girl child:

“Believe in in yourselves and stand for what you believe. If you don’t stand up for something you’ll fall for anything. If you get the chance to school, fully utilize it.

And to fellow comrades;
Have positive minds/ vibes Be flexible to change Make TTUC a better place than you found it Let the comrades’ powers build us to grow for the period we’re here.


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