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The VBN launch at Vacani Resort. A revolutionary project in voi’s business landscape!

30th NOV, 2018. 5.00pm… The venue had been set, and everything was in place for the evening event at the Vacani Resort in Voi, as the sun set and the evening rays fell upon the magnificent building, preparations for the launch event of the VBN (Voi Business Network) were underway. The tables covered in baby yellow linen and the white seats with red and yellow bows on the side were neatly arranged. By 5:00 pm the venue looked rather dashing, the team was on the ground doing a little last minute touches to ensure that everything went down smoothly.

A section of the corporate guests in attendance.

 Guests began streaming in at around 5;30 pm with them being welcomed by the ushers who were adorned in #theVBN t-shirts and were standing in designated spots ready to help them in case of any problem. Several corporates were represented in conjunction to the days’ events, just to mention a few; Mindbridge college, AMACO insurance, The Joy Hotel, Diaspora University, Sote hub, Cooperative Bank, among other businesses found in Voi and Taita Taveta County. Within no time, the guests were mingling and interacting, getting to know each other well and exchanging their business cards ready to be connected to more.

The launch of VBN was aimed at bringing the business-minded people together and helping create a rapport where ideas can flow, and companies can interact without limitations. Due to this small yet significant fact, the guests did not have designated seats but were allowed to sit in any manner to promote interaction and access. The night was equally graced by the presence of young entrepreneurs from the local university, Taita Taveta university, with young start-ups in the building ; Emmen beauty, Twilight, and Crafty studios just to mention but a few..

IT Cake CEO, Tinah Mwabili going through the launch issue.

Cameras, Lights, Action…The night began with the arrival of the newest CEO in town, Mr. Job Ogweno. An opening prayer from a volunteer and opening remarks from the Tech team presenter Ivan Nyamari then followed. Ivan welcomed all the guests to the event and gave a brief introduction of the VBN. Marox the MC took over the program as he ushered in the acts of the day; Berube the Poet, Val, and the DVJ Trick-C. The podium was later handed over to the COO who gave a short speech and introduced the TsavoWrite Media Group team. After the introductions were made, several keynote speakers were called upon by the COO who gave apt and motivational speeches.

Sote Hub’s manager, Mr. Harry Mwailengo was the first on the stands, and he encouraged the youth to be more aggressive in the business world. He expressed his happiness since the blog, the leading brand and a subsidiary of Tsavo Media Group, was considerably a start-up mentored at the hub . Mr. Harry went further ahead to congratulate the CEO, who was once his employee and encouraged the team to work hard and go on with the same trend. He also urged the youths present to take up the mantle and have startups, as he welcomed them to the hub for mor explorations.

Joyce Peshu, the project coordinator VSO-Taita Taveta County, was next with an encouraging speech on the importance of youths coming up to make something of their lives. She encouraged youths to do better than staying idle. She introduced VSO to the guests and encouraged the youths to volunteer with the program. She congratulated the team and told them to keep up the excellent work.

Mr. David Gift Pongah, the Business Development and Marketing Manager of Qwetu Sacco was next on the stage with a fantastic speech on the importance of entrepreneurship. He congratulated the team and said that this was a fete that had not been done yet by the youth of the county and emphasized that it was something great to have been done by young people. He went ahead to give the benefits of Qwetu Sacco and encouraged TsavoWrite Media team to have an account with them to be able to get loans at reasonable rates.

QWETU SACCO Business development & Marketing Manager.

Mr. Dan Kamau, the project head of Diaspora University was next on the stands with an in-depth speech on the importance of youth waking up since they are the Kenya of tomorrow. Mr. Dan congratulated the team on the work done on the launch event. He gave an apt speech on what Diaspora University Town Project is all about and gave a break down on what they are doing in the county and how it will benefit Taita Taveta region.

Dan Kamau, Project lead of Diaspora University Town Project.

The last keynote speaker of the night was Madam Martha Oluoch, the Branch Manager of AMACO Insurance, who voiced out her thoughts on feeling like she was the oldest one in the room when she arrived. She was happy with the young team presented by Tsavo Media Group and felt even much better with the show of hard work by young people. She went ahead to speak on the lack of opportunities for the young and offered a month’s internship to any youth who approached her office. She encouraged the organizations present to create internship opportunities for the youth and provide space for them to learn real-life work.

AMACO Regional manage, Martha Oluoch.

After the five speeches, the COO introduced the man of the hour, m. Job for his speech. Being the newest CEO he had much to say with a touch on his past history and what motivated him to make voi, Taita Taveta County his new home. A town he has blogged about since 2015, under  He introduced dedicated TsavoWrite media  Group team, touched on overall company vision and strategic goals, general business but while keeping the audience entertained with a touch of humour. The Sharply dressed executive exhibited sheer ambition as he gave a breakdown of the various subsidiaries and brands as he addressed the audience on the future plans of the each.

The speech was well articulated, and he completed it by thanking all the stakeholders who took part in the publishing of the first issue of the VBN magazine, a regional publication whose fundamental goal is to connect more clients and businesses alike.

Mr. Job encouraged other businesses to be part of the journey of VBN as it would be beneficial to both parties. He ended with a quote from Winston Churchill “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”


After Mr. Job’s speech, MC Marox introduced the cake cutting, which was done by the entire team and shared with the guests. A vote of thanks was given by Antony Kitimo aka Tonimali who also invited Pastor Zowe to give a word of prayer towards the end of the ceremony. After the cake sharing and prayer, guests left at their own pleasure with several hanging back to interact and share on business, they could do together.

The Cake Cutting

The night was called in at 10; 00 pm with a brief meeting of the entire team as we say a big thank you to everyone who made it and to the ones who aspired to make it. CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Job and the entire TsavoWrite Media Group team.


photos: Courtesy (BlackTie, Kennarts, Magicworld)


This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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