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The Young are taking over-VBN Team

[epq-quote align=”align-left”]We are living through a rough spot in history, but here’s something inescapable: the future is young.[/epq-quote]


It’s six pm on Friday 31st December 2018 and am seated at a round table at a corner in the conference room with my colleague and tech wizard Bryton Mongo. It’s been a long week full of meetings, follow ups, plans and brainstorming. The room is well set and slow music is playing from the public address systems. It’s the D-Day- The official Launch of the Voi Business Network (VBN) Magazine. My heart is thumping heavy against my chest and am afraid it could pop out and dash into the swimming pool. We are a little bit behind on the schedule but the guests are already streaming in. My fingers are crossed! Hoping it goes as planned.

The event venue, at Vacani Resort.


Fast forward, the launch successfully goes down and in between, one of the keynote speaker, Madam Oluoch, Branch manager of AMACO Insurance, touches on something that had been racing in my mind throughout the night. She is surprised by the fact that half of the room is occupied by young people under the age of 30 years.

Madam Martha Oluoch, Branch Manager AMACO Voi,  making a key note address at the VBN launch.

From the newest CEO in town TsavoWrite Media Group CEO Mr. Job Ogweno who just cleared campus two weeks ago, the entire team from the COO, CFO, Lead Content Director, Creative Director, the VBN technical team, the photography houses doing the coverage of the event, the MC, the Dj, and a good number of business owners in the guest list are budding young entrepreneurs in the race to fix the world. All the speakers echo the same song, it’s the most successful launch they have seen especially from the youth.

Mr.job, the TSAVO MEDIA GROUP CEO in the middle with his team cut the cake at the launch

We are living through a rough spot in history, but here’s something inescapable: the future is young.  The youth today are emerging as the most progressive generation amidst this challenging economic times, but there’s also great reason for optimism because young people are coming up to take over. Taita Taveta Youth have also not been left had behind. Tired of waiting to be hired, the county has seen a rise in young entrepreneurs for anything from establishing small enterprises to established businesses giving the old a run for their age and money. Watch out this space as we bring you success stories of youth who have successfully pursued entrepreneurship in this region.


Ivan Nyamari

He is a content creator doubling up us a writer and photographer, with lots of interest in governance, socio political affairs, music and the creative industry at large.

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