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Three books you should read this August

Bad Blood: the Secret and Lies of a Silicon Valley start-up by John Carreyrou

This book is arguably one of the most intrigue reads that I have come across this year. The exhilarating read is one of a kind investigative journalism by John Carreyrou who is the author. Want to know the story behind Elizabeth Holmes the lady behind Theranos? Take a dive into the pages of the shocking revelation of how the young lady managed to fool an entire country for something close to a decade. Becoming one of the biggest frauds ever experienced in the United States, the author takes the reader deep into the streets of Palo Alto, where he gives you the inside story of “revolutionary health-care” facilitator that saw Holmes named Time’s Magazine Top 100 most influential people in the World 2015 and the youngest self-made female billionaire 2014. Look deeper into how a company kept an entire country in the dark for years while investors continued to pay more for technology that has never been seen.

Defining Decade: why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now by Meg Jay

Psychologist Meg Jay takes us into her practice as she explains why the twenties need to be defining days for any person. Using classical examples she has picked from her years of experience, the renowned author takes 20-year-olds through the journey of self-discovery and awareness. She helps the young man and woman come to accept themselves and the life’s circumstances. The author brings life current worries, the challenges the youths face, and the misconceptions of the young mind to the table as she discusses with different youths on what to make of life despite the fact that there are different beliefs. She explains the phenomena of what we do in our twenties matter as they have an impact on future years and generations.

After the intense read, now for a little fun,

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Relax with a bit of conspiracy, suspense and mystery as Dan Brown takes you deep into the streets of Paris, as fictional character Robert Langdon, a Professor of History and Art (Symbology) and the cryptologist Sophie Neveu as they help you understand two secretive organizations, the Priory of Sion and the Opus Dei. The Da Vinci code was released in 2003 and is notably quite the popular book, however most people are yet to read it. The famous book shows the path to power and how it is curved to fit only those who have the heart and blood to do the unspeakable to gain the benefits. In a bid to clear his name from the murder in the Louvre Langdon must uncover the secrets of the two societies who have been found in a fight for what could be declared as Christianity’s biggest secret. The book has gotten quite the following despite being rebuked to be blasphemous and contradictory to history books. The action-packed fiction is however quite interesting and will help keep you entertained.



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