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TTU Life: Birthdays in Campus Before Corona.

It was on my birthday during lockdown, and one of the “quarantine” birthday wishes that I read somewhere crossed my mind and I could not help but laugh. This is what it said, Happy Birthday Queen! Young and sweet, stuck in quarantine! That wish accurately described my state, made quite me nostalgic and equally a bit emotional.

It brought me to an understanding of how we had taken some things for granted, for example, the merry making on birthdays during the pre-Corona period. Maaahn! We never even stopped to think of how big a privilege it was!

Then Corona happens and BOOM! Gatherings are restricted (and even the idea of being in a crowd just gives you goosebumps and worries), masks everywhere, people continue staying at home cause of lockdowns, and fun that used to be there in meetings and catching up dissipated


So there I was, seated on the couch trying to figure out what to do my ‘special’ day and the only idea that seemed alluring is that of staying indoors the whole day to catch up on one of the novels sent to me by Ms. Naakia herself.

Isn’t that what Covid-19 had reduced us to? Minimal interactions with other people or the “world” and we are continuously forced to enjoy our own company by discovering new hobbies to keep ourselves busy?

Well, on one hand, it was a good thing but on the other hand, that togetherness and camaraderie that existed before was sort of weakening.

Eng. Imelda and friends celebrating her birthday.

Anyway, all that brought back the memories of how we used to celebrate our birthdays at campus before Corona began. And the questions of IF.WHEN they will resume now that we have reported back is still a mystery to all of us, especially when I remember how we used to be crammed in those small campus rooms to celebrate one of us.

Kwani ilikuwa lazima? Hehe!

And I have been thinking, why not at least enjoy these memories if I might not experience the real thing anytime soon?

A classic case in point…Form ya Bash’ imetokelezea.

Guys seated on both the upper and lower bunks laughing at jokes being cracked, others storytelling in the background, some dancing to the music being played and others running helter-skelter to make sure everyone was well fed.

But this is what made it fun, right comrades?

Then we had, the famous WiseCup Confectionery in Voi, where we bought our cakes before our beloved Faith Pastries came about and swept us off our feet (you’ve got to taste her cakes, they are really awesome!).

From WiseCup Confectionery, all roads led to Bafaghi at the town center where the popcorns, biscuits, sweets and juice or sodas for us teetotalers were bought. Sema meza kuchafuliwa!!Hehe.

The snacks were never a sackful but the fact that they brought people together is what made them worthwhile.

Those were the times woofers were sought for from every corner of the campus because dancing would definitely be included in the programme. Birthdays in TTU were meant to bind people and they always created an atmosphere of appreciation that I think I haven’t found anywhere else yet.

People would share how they met you, how you related with them and some even got their “better halves” from that place ( I am waiting to hear the testimonials.)

What a blessing!

Even for those who went to Voi, especially those who weren’t teetotalers, or those who went to Shasha for swimming, the same feeling was shared. One felt they belonged to a family and they were cared for big time.

Well well, to this effect, Anna Godbersen’s words make a lot of sense, I’ve always believed in savoring the moments. In the end, they are the only things we’ll have. Indeed, Covid-19 has taught us that! Savor the moments and be grateful for the people who make you happy.

Imelda Nasubo

Nasubo is a Mining Engineering student, A natural with words, and is particularly passionate about, but not limited to adventure and travel reviews. The engineer in the making enjoys welding her thoughts or reporting around campus life, while still at it.

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