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TTU’s alumni entrepreneur and designer: Abigael Kinini

 My name is Abigael Kinini. I am the CEO and founder of Kinini Creations.

Kinini Creations is a fashion company that does both bespoke, couture and ready to wear collections. Besides clothes production, we also offer styling and runway designing services for corporates.

We are a year old! We turned 1 year on January 26th.

Abigael Kinini in one of her own designs

I have always loved fashion and for I enjoyed making clothes for myself and my friends. Over time, with referrals my friends started offering money in exchange for the stuff I used to make them. So slowly, with their support and trust, I decided to register it as a business and continue designing.

Juggling classes and designing was not particularly hard. Designing barely felt like a chore and I did it passionately and effortlessly. I was still right on target with my classwork and would design on weekends and during my free time.

Well, I do not have any family members in the business, mainly because my family members and I have different passions and are not particularly interested in fashion. However, I do use the family name as the title of the business.

The journey has been smooth and accepting, like the universe transpired to accept me. Still, not without its challenges. The main one has been the need to constantly improve my craft. Being self-taught has come with the pressure to be able to work twice as hard in order to acquire the skill-set to make a good quality piece and satisfy my clients expectations.

A classy but elegant design from Kinini Creations

Another challenge has been as a result of getting into the industry very green and without guidance. I didn’t have the knowledge of being able to handle clients or the business aspect of fashion, so I made a few stinging financial decisions that I recovered when I got a mentor to guide me.

We have done few runways over time; we have been on 3 stages now. The most heart throbbing stage was the Pwani Fashion Week stage, where we were honored to showcase as an Upcoming designer in coastal region.  

Different stages offer different levels of exposure. Main exposure is internal growth. You expose yourself to yourself. Knowing your limits and your ability to work under pressure and how well you can work with different models. The external kind of exposure is getting to meet new clients and new vendors which really expands your market.

Although, according to me, the biggest advantage of stages is gaining new found trust and belief from your already existing customers. They can see your growth and improvement with every new stage.

My role model has got to be James Otieno who is the lead designer of Itikadi Fashion House.

The biggest name I have been honored to work with has got to be Khaligraph Jones.  We have also worked with Joy D’souza and Xena D’souza.

In the next 5 years, we see ourselves as the trusted fashion brand that is a go to for Haute Couture and Bespoke. We believe in constant growth and constant improvements in order to cater for all our clients’ needs.

The local market is accepting of new and upcoming designers, though still growing, it is constantly improving.

For new designers, never stop dreaming and never stop working on your craft, believe in constantly being open to learning and always keeping and open mind.

Love, Kinini.



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