Voi city’s first Tech and business hub:Sote HUB REVIEW

Voi Town is definitely taking the right direction towards positioning itself as not only just the beautiful old town but also a worthwhile destination (hopefully a techno-city as well) in the vast county TAITA TAVETA-the land of opportunities.

The county has for a long time been dimmed mainly as a tourist destination, given the numerous historic sites, parks, hotels and resorts within.

Let’s briefly forget about hospitality and think about TECH in Voi town and her environs?
Do you have an interesting idea that you wish to turn into a business? Do you perhaps need some technical know-how regarding the same? Do you hope to get sponsors someday to make your dreams a reality?

Seek no further!

ACOB SIMEK of Pontis foundation making a presentation. Looking on is The hub Director Mr Ogiga David
SOTE HUB is the perfect answer for you within Voi and her environs.
This is a project of the partnership of SlovakAid, Pontis Foundation (Slovakia) and Kasigau Wildlife Trust (Kenya) set up in 2010 with a major focus (back then) being Voi but has grown to traverse the whole county.
It turns out to be the premier gateway towards ICT development for the town and County at large. Given their slogan, turning ideas into business, this hub’s development comes at a time when it’s arguably most needed by the youth of this county.


outside the hub housed at Red Elephant building
SOTE HUB is conveniently located at the outskirts of town, just a few minutes’ walk/drive from the town CBD at the Red Elephant building. The above building interestingly houses the Biashara center, both the county tourism and Trade affairs ministries and much more.
In a brief sharing with some of the initiators and officers, The center not only hopes to attract membership from the , the high schools and the public at large, but also hopes to greatly benefit from the county’s only university-TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, that of course has a school of Mathematics and informatics sciences. Beside the above, shall be other tertiary institutions within the county such as TSAVO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY and COAST INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.
Mr. Mwailengo following following a presentation
 HarryMwailengo ,The center manager, adds that, regularly they’ll organize presentation and evaluation  days for Ideas just to determine those that are potentially viable and  deserve inclusion into the hub. He also promises that there shall be guidelines and necessary pieces of advice to be given to those who attend.
Currently the hub has 3 levels of subscriptions, TWIGA TAUSI and NDOVU
TWIGA is open to everyone, has no cost implications and has one advantage of allowing the member to visit the center at most once a week and use the hubs services for free- Mainly the freeWi-Fi and the hub’s laptops.TAUSI and NDOVU are premium plans that attractmonthly fees of Ksh. 2000 and 4000 respectively but comes with numerous advantages as specified HERE
The center is quickly attractingnumerous partnerships and even hopes for more. Already there is the Biashara center whose key goal is empowerment of the society with a special focus on the youth by offering consultancy services, business trainings amongst others.
In the pipeline as well is a partnership with the leading tertiary institutions within the county such us TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE and COAST INSTTUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
All are welcome to be part of this revolution. Contact and get more information on the above and subscribe to SOTE HUB.
A laptop and a desk is waiting for you and your friends. Hurry up while space lasts
Telephone :+254 716 925 036 E-mail :




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