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Voi county cleaners complain over poor working conditions

   Voi casual workers working for county government as cleaners in voi town in the environment department, have complained of poor working conditions.

  The health and safety of local workers is not being treated with same seriousness as that of their wundanyi, Taveta and mwatate counterparts.

   On a Monday morning in voi town, you will find these workers early in time, cleaning the central business district yet they are not equipped with essential cleaning tools to help with their safety.

  This week several workers were injured after being cut by sharp objects while cleaning without using gloves. They can’t even seem to take a break from the never-ending coughs and fever. Most of them are now are regular at the casualty area in Moi referral hospital.    Surprisingly enough no official has come to their aid despite them airing their grievances. In fact the officials have continued to treat them with perverse cruelty. The casual workers have been left to complain in undertones because they are scared to lose their jobs which as of now is their main source of income.

One casual worker who has opted to remain anonymous sustained injuries on his hand, and has been forced to quit his job which is the main source of his income. Upon reaching out to the supervisor, it ended up into a confrontation and he was threatened that he will be fired. The official reprimanded by using emotional blackmail, by telling him how many individuals are seeking for the same job opportunity. The worker was forced to use his funds to seek medical attention since he had no option.

    He insisted on the importance of being issued with essential cleaning tools like the need to use gloves when picking litter, using dust masks to protect them from dust which is infecting them with colds and the Never ending coughs. Also use of muffs and helmets to keep their clothes clean. He said that this has been the major challenge and given the conducive environment they are ready and willing to work.

  The casual workers have called on lands, mining, environment and natural resources cec Hon Gertrude Shuwe to listen to their grievances and take action by making their safety a priority. They also called on the county government to do an overall supervision of the officials since most of them are not carrying their duties in a honourable manner.




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