Voi town and the alarming stagnancy

Stepping into this town 5 years ago I was a foreigner but I was well aware that it was the place I was going to call home for quite some time. What I did not know was how slow this town would be regarding its growth and development rate. Quite alarming right? No changes for five years or so, same old buildings, same old facilities a classic example is the defunked Moi Stadium, same old roads and hardly any tangible development in this county. I cannot say much about the other towns within the county but the narrative seems to be the same.

For a span of five years, residents can attest that other towns have tremendously grown and immense developments have kicked in while others are underway since the advent of devolution. This is the quite the opposite of our own town and its environs. Yes there are minor developments but shouldn’t we be talking about major developments? Why are we not progressing? Are we scared of growing or immune to development? Are we all totally okay with its stagnancy? Because we have the potential to grow beyond where we are now. It could be we are afraid to invest or allow investors in because we are not sure if our businesses have the potential to withhold competition or is it more than that?

A few notable structural changes in the recent past  would include:. the Vacani resort, Two Oceans Hotel,  Rosewood, Sechu plaza , Oasis hotel, and the much anticipated new generations mall of which we are all awaiting its completion. Noticed the trend? Its only hotels that are coming up. Is it the only industry that promises good returns or are we just scared to invest in other sectors? Am sure there are others I have not mentioned but that is still not enough. The town’s stagnancy could be scaring investors away. Could the problem be us? We only allow ourselves to support the few old businesses and when anything new comes in and we are not ready to embrace it. Maybe we need to scrutinize our investment decisions and our purchasing patters. Our demand and purchasing power is what determines whether we want change or if we are just okay with our state.

People could probably see opportunities but opportunity without demand is as good as a lost course. My fellow Voitizens don’t we want to see change in our own town? Let me take the scenario of Ruai and Mariakani, they are fairly younger than Voi however, their growth rate is impressive. Residents there have embraced the change that keeps coming their way because they know that as the town grows, they grow too.  Growth  guarantees more opportunities, advanced amenities, and general lifestyle improvements.

We shouldn’t be so fast to blame the slow growth of our town to leaders because part of their duty is to ensure the most important amenities like schools and hospitals are well catered for. Yes, they should drive the growth and development agenda foward but we as citizens collectively we should play a critical participatory role. Are you working out a plan to initiate something that will be of help to you and the people living around you? If not satrt now.  The growth of Voi town does not completely depend on our LEADERS but US too.

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Lilian Mumbua

She has a background in Business & Info-Technology, CFO at Tsavo Media Group,and a pro-Chef on the sidelines. She's passionate about Girl-Child empowerment and is an aspiring inspirational speaker, motivated by daily life experiences and dreams of a better world where everyone can realize their potential to the maximum.

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