“Wataita ni warembo lakini shida ni kujibu maswali” MINISTER WARNS

TOURISM MIISTER -Alexandar Mwangeka

In a night that also had visita performing at the rosewood hotel, club xtacy on the other end had the Voi sub county miss tourism audition going on.  It important to note that Voi clubs are now leaving fans in a dilemma of where to spend their weekend nights

The night with gentle brags by the MC Dollar Bill and DJ JACK on how Taita was such a blessed land resource wise as well as Taita being the home of beauties.
There is very little no doubts on that. After all, recalling the 2013 edition, a lady of the land was actually crowned the overall miss tourism Kenya that year.
Saturday night was all pomp, with the club being given thumbs up on stage setting and lightings…etc. Lots and lots of entertainers; budding artistes took to the stage at intervals showcasing that Taita indeed has got talent
The Voi edition featured 7 contestants gracing the stage on 5 different outfits, displaying various touches of creativity and different levels of uniqueness.  Out of which, 3 were meticulously chosen to grace the final stage set at rosewood on the 9thof APRIL.
After the cats had walked, (I mean after the catwalk), it was the QUESTION AND ANSWER session in which the judges tested the contestant IQ’s with simple questions. Whether you blame it on tension or not, the fact remains that the questions were in deed simple.
Surprisingly some of the beauties couldn’t manage to utter proper answers.
This prompted the CS tourism- hon. Alexander Mwangeka to boldly speak about the essence of not only having beautiful faces but also beautiful brains. He expressed his confidence on TAITA shining at even bigger stages but was extremely worried about the level of intelligence and keeping up to date with current affairs. 
The most interesting parts of the night was as usual the announcement of the best three for the night. However this came with a unique twist as Ms. Linet a partially deaf model was crowned miss tourism Voi sub- County
Judging from the general crowd’s opinion, the top 3 as per the judges was on point and unquestionable.





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