When should I get married?

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If anyone asks you about the ideal age of dating or even marriage, what would you say? Is it 20, 25 or 30 maybe 40? I want to believe that there is no specific age that any two people can decide that it’s time for them to commit themselves to each other. Love has no specifics, and it is best when it happens spontaneously.  Since time immemorial, Africans have been known to believe that there is THE right age to want to be involved and get married. Our parents being the main contributing factor to the notion, and making it stick in our brains that is why at a young age of 20 someone would still be afraid to tell their parents that they have met someone.

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Age is just but a number that puts a tag on our lives. We can all decide to forget about our ages and let loose when it comes to matters of commitment. 20 could be the age for me so is 40 for someone else. Many researchers say that the ideal age for two people to want to marry is when they both are physically and mentally ready. Relationships and marriages are not an easy thing but are not difficult as well, but the thought of having to live with someone else and conform to their beliefs and routines is what forms the scary part of all this. The readiness of the mind is essential. Wanting to be with someone is not the same as needing them to be a part of your life, and all this depends on the mind.

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Therefore, the ideal age of dating or getting into marriage cannot be specified but at the same time don’t wait till you are an old hag to be tied to someone. It is believed that it is at our youngest that we are vibrant enough to enjoy the best that life has to offer. Do not cuff yourself with chasing a career because you have made yourself believe it is until 30 to get settled. What happens when 30 gets by, and you are done pursuing your career, but marriage and dating do not want to associate with you? What happens when you get to 30, and you still don’t feel like you are successful enough and want to do some more paper chasing? Nobody should tell you to wait until a particular time. There is always unnecessary noise in the background; from parents, relatives, associates, and friends, where people get to talk about the right age of getting married. Free yourself from the societal cuffs and don’t be afraid to disappoint after all marriage is not about a crowd instead it is a two people affair.



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