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What you should expect in Voi Business Network(VBN) Issue 003

With the 2018/2019 financial year barely out of sight,  At Tsavo Media Group we have been up and about meticulously packaging Issue 003 that is mainly a focus point of reflection on the general progress of voi and the Taita Taveta County at large so far, Socially, Economically and politically speaking. Indeed, there is much more to dig into, considering our various dedicated columns of THE VBN magazine.

And as usual, you will definitely need to get a copy, grab some coffee and understand, how business goes down in VOI, Taita Taveta County.

Quick bytes

Millicent looks into the (BIG 4S) main streams of cash inflow into the county or rather the economic activities, their current case as well us potentials therein.

Corporate highlights

We sample what has happened in the corporate spheres over the previous quarter from flag-offs, Events and Conferences, campaigns and Individual acknowledgments. Find out more on what been up regionally, who facilitated it, when and where.

Organizational review.

Takes a look into the Ndonde CBO, a group of people who have come together to ensure that young dreams come true, through sponsorships and mentorship programs.

Cover story

The cover story is a County Focus, a special feature that reviews pretty much what the County Government has achieved over the last financial year. We dive into 5 Key sectors collaboratively with the relevant County  Communication Department Officers as we weigh against the overall promises or rather the administration’s manifesto at large.

Executive Talk

The Editor in Chief, mr. Job engages the County CEO on his progress thus far at the helm of county leadership and what he hopes to achieve in the remaining bit of his term. H.E. Granton Samboja shares on the current stalemate as he opines on the subject of Dissolution as an option. Samboja also highlights various achievements and his insight on our shortfalls as a county and the possible solutions therein. The interview delves slightly into a personal note as the boss equally share briefly on life beyond office hours as well.

Young Entrepreneur

Meet the young and vibrant photographer, Kush Tarun, as he shares the idea of turning his passion and talent into his profession and business. Understand the depths of passion and how he has managed to grow his business beyond the borders of 006.

Health Break

St. Joseph shelter of Hope Medic, Kevin Msangachi gives us an in-depth understanding of hypertension, and why it should be discovered early, and how manageable it is, once detected.


Coffee Break

Eriq Forsky, digs into the beast of corruption, in a humorous piece that denotes its possible origins.


Hot-Spot Review

Learn about -the gem, Two Oceans Hotel, currently still considered the new kid on the hospitality block, What basically makes it tick?

Destination Focus

This segment also takes you through the historic Kenyatta caves, the unique yet less known treasure in Taita Taveta County.

Organization Focus

We take a look at My Tribe is art and organization focused on changing the tribal Narrative through youth empowerment with an emphasis on showcasing of various unique and artistic talents.

Tips corner

We give unique tips on how to get good alternative sources of financing when starting or scaling up your business.

Last Word 

Lilian, in her opinion piece, gives an interesting perspective on business and the added value of personal branding even in the case of small & Medium Entreprises. Do you think you represent your business as you should?


You Shouldn’t miss out on this edition of #theVBN.




Physically: All leading regional supermarkets/stores, as well as the popular News vendor stands.

Official Spots: Vacani Resort| Bafagih Supermarket| SGR voi |  Be-Petrozen| Total | Zero Four Petro Station | CIT | TTU | CDF Hall Offices Mwatate | County PR Offices | Wundany Library | Time Shop Taveta |



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This content is credited to the Editorial Board of voi2day. A team that aims to tell stories and run conversations that matter, in the process ,inspiring readers to think differently, at least about this beautiful Town

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