Women’s World Cup ongoing in France

It is football season again but the difference is this time it is not a man’s thing but rather the Women’s World Cup. Women’s World Cup 2019 is being hosted in France. Weirdly, I don’t hear people talking about the cup despite the first round of playing being over. The first games of the round of 16 begins tomorrow with Germany playing against our dear Nigerians and Norway against Australia.

Did I mention that three African teams got into the women’s world cup this year: Nigeria, South Africa, and Cameroon. Nigeria and Cameroon qualified for the round of 16 and we hope they can beat the Germans and English, hope is the word. The South Africans are however out of the competition after being eliminated in the first round.

The standings stand at number one with Alex Morgan and Samantha Kerr from United States and Australia respectively with Cristiane Rozeira from Brazil. Cristiana Girelli from Italy, Carli Lloyd from United States, Ellen White from England, and Wendie Renard from France are at position three.

As we await for the finals on 07/07/2019, how many of you are going to be watching and how many of you had an idea that the women world cup was going on?

Check out the timetable for the upcoming fixtures.




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